Monday, November 01, 2010

Thoughts of the night

- ashamed at how little of today was spent thinking about the innocent lives lost following what happened in India on this day, in 1984.

- first trick or treaters to come to our door tonight left me appalled; the little boys were dressed as superheroes, and the little girls as...unidentifiable characters with short skirts/dresses and...well all sorts of things they shouldn't have been wearing. This trend seemed to continue through the night.

- Sikhs are probably better off without Obama visiting Darbar Sahib. Just think about it. His only intent in visiting would be to boost his own image. His visit would have meant no one else could go to Darbar Sahib and have darshan or do ishnaan for at least two days prior to his visit + the day of. No person in a political position should be granted this level of influence over something like Sikhs' visits to a Gurughar. Seriously. Besides...I think his NOT going is getting us plenty of publicity. I honestly don't see any benefit in him going there.

- Guru Sahib has a plan. It's much, much, much better than any plan you have ever made or could ever make for yourself. So, as a Bhainji {and a card I discovered while cleaning out my desk} recently told me: Let go and let God. Seriously. It'll do ya a WORLD of good.

- if you know you gotta do not delay. I repeat, do not delay. I'm regretting putting off something that seems to have changed the entire course of my life. Don't delay. Especially if you know Guru Sahib wants you to do it. Just do it.

- I'm an idiot.

That concludes the random thoughts of the night {the few that I managed to salvage from the pigsty I call my mind, anyway}.


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