Monday, March 02, 2009


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I forgot the post I was planning in my head this morning, so the one that should have come next will be first, instead.

This is a rather touchy topic, so I apologize if any sentiments are hurt, but a) I've become a bit desensitized and lost my old sense of modesty, I guess you could say {I'm much more open and, yes, mature, than I was a few years ago}, and 2) it's a topic that needs discussing in some way or form, especially because it's important to me personally.

Sometime last week, a girlfriend and I were hanging out and decided to grab a bite to eat somewhere. The day started out pretty cold, so I donned my trusty KU hoodie {which was purposely bought a size too big}, and thinking that I wouldn't be taking it off, threw on a shirt I've sort of grown out of {I've been meaning to clean out my closet for a year now, it just doesn't seem to happen.. I stand there and stare and stare and stare, but all the clothes are still there!}. Okay, sorry with the lame jokes.. Just trying not to let the topic of this post get me down. roar.

Anyway, it had gotten pretty warm, enough for me to become uncomfortable in my over-sized hoodie. I figured it was no big deal if I took it off for a while. Just long enough to walk from the parking space to Subway, get a sandwich made, and head right back. We get out of the car and walk across the parking lot, and hit the Starbucks. There are two men sitting outside at one of those little tables, and they look at us. A passing glance I understand, but these guys are looking. I'm sort of used to it, because this particular friend of mine dresses somewhat revealingly {by good-girl Indian standards at the very, very least}, so I'm used to males staring in our direction whenever I'm with her. But I was shocked to find that one of the dudes was checking ME out.