Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kannaa(n) nu hathh

I made the mistake of opening a newspaper today.

A Punjabi one, at that.



mm. How time flies.

9 Responses to “Kannaa(n) nu hathh”

ex-anonymouse said...

Tis quiet on the blog front…too quiet

Anonymous said...

haha... what made you say hai?

Anonymous said...

Project Naad Panthic Weekly

TeraRoop said...

Ex, anonymouse? =(

Yes, it is. I can't seem to write a proper blog post - and not from lack of trying.

What made me say hai? The news =p You know, the usual political crap, and so and so Singh beat up so and so Singh - and so on. etc. yeah.

Umm.. Just wondering - why'd you post that link?

ex-anonymouse said...

That’s fine teraroop quietness is not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps you should think about directing people who visit your blog to your other account.

TeraRoop said...

My other account?

Do you mean Flickr?

ex-anonymouse said...

There we go. My work here is done.


Anonymous said...

re: hai... oh... hmmm but somehow I don't think you're telling the whole story :P

I didn't post that link. a difference anonymous must have done it.

TeraRoop said...

Please don't vanish =(

Maybe that's why I'm not blogging anymore. Subconsciously I realize that that's the only thing that'll get you to come back =p

Just reading all these stupid things that Sikhs are doing these days, you know? It's like.. Part of me wants to keep up with what's going on, of course, but the other part of me just doesn't want to think about all this anymore, doesn't want to hurt because.. because of whatever He's doing. He has a reason, but I don't understand it, so maybe it's just best if I not pay attention to what everyone else is doing...

I'm sorry - I did think it was someone else, but I should have clarified it.

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