Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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b said...

Hello : )

TeraRoop said...

I'm guessing anonymouse Veerji has gone?

I've received messages from both Vikram Singh and and Navdeep Kaur.. I blogged the day I promised to post by.. and I didn't receive any e-mail notifications of comments, so I just assumed you guys were busy or something.. and then I got asked by Vikram Singh and came to check and - no post!

Don't know what's going on.. but I'm very sorry.

I won't even remember everything I wrote in that post. And I was very, very happy with it..

b said...

Yeh he appears to have gone - the ultimatum - but maybe he'll be back.

Don't be sorry.

TeraRoop said...


I can't help it.. I've let you guys down as a blogger =(

I will return.. new post Friday. Pakka promise - this time I will double- and triple-check that it worked.


b said...


b said...

I think there is something wrong with your bloggie : (

TeraRoop said...

I think so, too.. that is so weird.. It'll have to wait a couple of days before I can properly look into it. I didn't even receive a notification for your comment on the fifth..


Please don't feel guilty, you haven't done anything.

Anonymouse & b said...

Happy Birthday Teraroopie/Pinky : ) I don't know if you will get this message today but anyways whenever you get it, we hope you have a nice day and gets lots of presents and attention from everyone.

b said...

Btw in case you still hadn't worked it out, Brain = Anonymouse and he was the one who reminded me it was your birthday today. Now I will go and pray he doesn't kill me for revealing his true identity.

(It was nice knowing you.)

Novtej said...

hello :)

been a long time!

It used to be fun back in the days when we were all regular bloggers!

b said...

I think Teraroop has relocated to Flickr.

Novtej said...

ohh ok cool

TeraRoop said...

hahaha no I haven't!

Novtej Veerji - yeah, it reallyy was.. I miss that a lot. But I have returned! For real this time!

B Bhenji - I found out that my blog problems weren't related to Blogger but something really strange going on with my browser.. It's all worked out now and I have returned! I can't believe it's already April =(

Thank you for the birthday wishes, both of you! Yeah, I figured out it was him hehe.. When he first started posting as anonymouse, I thought it was him because of the mouse, but then for some reason I thought it was someone else.

Was worrying about him, good to know he's alive and well ^_^

Blogging will resume shortly {and I seriously mean shortly, like tomorrow or the day after (now that the browser's fixed, have some school stuff I need to take care of)}.

Thanks so much for sticking around Bhenji <3

Novtej said...

let the blogging begin!! il be posting up some pics of todays nagar keertan soon (in bradford)...

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