Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Picture is [supposedly] Worth a Thousand Words

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I am slowly making my way back onto blogosphere. I haven't been a good blogger for a long time - the past year, really. Looking through my blog yesterday, I saw that I haven't posted more than twice a month over the past year, and most of this was pretty much either rambling or Gurbaani taken from STTM. There's nothing wrong with posting Shabads at all, but I know that for me they're a filler for the blog. I look at my Gurbaani posts with fondness, but I also feel like there's something missing.

Life's been a little crazy for the past few years. I've met people, 'lost' people, changed for the better in some ways and for the worse in others. I've begun college. I've gotten into photography a little more seriously.

Some things, however, are essentially the same. I feel a sad sense of longing for the way things were, and it hurts to think of how things used to be. I've decided that this blog will be my anchor, my support. Through all the change, this will remain as my constant. It will stick by my side through thick and thin as I try to make my way across this ocean - this blog will help to understand my Guru Ji, or that's what I hope.

I'm not sure who I'm talking to, as I'm sure I've lost a lot of readers along the way {out of the small number I had to begin with}. I don't know who still checks back, or what. It doesn't really matter, though. Yeah, it would help if people talk about what I say here, so that I can grow and change instead of remaining exactly the same and not getting anywhere. If that's going to happen, though, it'll happen anyway.

Alright, I think this is enough. I still haven't outgrown my inability to verbalize my thoughts and emotions. So, for the time being, I leave you with some images. I am in no way a good photographer, but I enjoy making a mess in one way or another. So while I haven't been blogging, I've been Flickring =) These can be found on my Flickr photostream with some sort of description or another if you need it.

Also, if you're reading this, and haven't done so already, please read the previous post. It's a true gem...

I can be found at the same place as always - teraroop11[at]gmail[dot]com.

I miss everyone, everything. This used to be where I could come to escape . . . I sincerely hope it can end up that way once again, somehow.

bhull chuk maaf karnaa Jeeo...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh




My Heaven

He Be Shankin' ;) =)

80 Responses to “A Picture is [supposedly] Worth a Thousand Words”

b said...

Woohoo : )

'The inability to verbalize my thoughts and emotions' - you're not alone on that front. Why does it seem like it's getting harder each day?

TeraRoop said...

hehehe - yay! You're still here! =))

hmm.. perhaps it's a sign to us to reflect instead of project..?

It does, though, doesn't it? Get harder each day?

mm.. well, at least I'm not alone =)

Angad Singh said...

litle one ji tusee kidha!!

m here...to check on what you been upto

yr in college !!! wow cant believe it!

'The inability to verbalize my thoughts and emotions'

we should open a club for this! seriously so many of us are like that...

neways just to let u know..for as long as i can ..i ll be around to read

guru rakaha

manpreet kaur said...


It is a pleasure to come and see if there is some movement on your blog. i always am glad when there is.
Don't worry there is a lot of communication in not blogging but showing us your pictures. They are wonderful!

Prabhu Singh said...

I use blogarithm, so I show up at people's blogs when they get updated :-)
I can't say I've ever had a hard time verbalizing my thoughts and emotions - lol!
Thanks for sharing. I also thought you were wee lass, not a college bound young woman! Well good luck.
Sat Naam Siri WaheGuru!

b said...


Anonymous said...



b said...


Anonymous said...

b what does wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww mean : )

b said...

means I'm stupid, but you know that

TeraRoop said...

hmm.. interesting exchange =)

Really, Bhenji? I didn't know that.. =p

Alright, so I replied to the comments after Prabhu Veerji's comment, but blogger was being stupid and I lost my comment =(

So here goes again.. though I don't think anyone will be back to read this =p

Angad Veerji - hahah, check on me huh? =p Yeah, I can't believe it, either. hmm.. Why are we like that? That's weird..

and thank you, Veerji - that really means a lot =)

MK - aw.. on this silly old thing? =p Thank you very much =)

Prabhu Veerjeeee - Hi! =D As for you not having difficulties verbalizing.. we noticed =) hehe =p

mm.. you're very welcome =) ah - hahahaha.. I AM a wee lass hehehe.. I'm short, look young, and shouldn't be in college yet. I'm still getting used to the fact I'm done with high school! But thanks.. if there's such a thing as luck, I'm going to need as much of it as I can get =)

TeraRoop said...

b Bhenji, I feel your comment deserves its own special response.

I saw that video the day you posted the link.. I was crying before the end of it.

I felt so.. what's the word.. grrrrr I can't get the right word.. but after watching some of it, I felt so.. impassioned, I think that's it. But after some more of it, I felt completely hopeless. What can I do, sitting all the way over here? What will I do? What am I doing?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I'm a useless lump who's never satisfied no matter what she does or how much she gets, while there are people in the world that have to make do with nothing at all.

Waheguru Ji.. Kirpaa karo.

Bhenji, thank you for posting that link here. I'll be using it soon..

Anonymous said...

So you still won't spell it out?

b the shmee


As for you teraroop, do an ardas to the blanket of the world, Satguru Sri Guru Tegh Bahadhur Ji Maharaj. When people like you with kamai backing you up pray for others that message of pain is taken straight to the court of Akaal Purakh.

Waheguru Ji.. Kirpaa karo.

b said...

what does shmee mean Anonymous Sahib Ji?

: )

Angad Singh said...

TR ji...check on wts happening with u in life not keep tabs on you...lol...

College days are amongst the best Id say ..i am finishing college this december so all i can say is... make most of it....seriously work hard and play even harder :D

TeraRoop said...

anonymous Ji - I like it better that way =)

I was looking through some posts on Novtej Veerji's old blog the other day, looking for a specific comment. As I searched, I noticed a few comments from you, Bhenji! Under your name.. If I'd been more attentive, I would have figured out who you were without that anon spoiling it all some posts back!

I like b the shmee. You should use that now =)

haha Angad Veerji I was kidding! Yeah, I like college better than HS. It would have been even better if I'd gone straight to uni, but that's okay.. I'll be doing that in two years. =)

I like that.. work hard and play harder.. =)

b said...

:( someone tell me what shmee means

TeraRoop said...

I think - correct me if I'm wrong, Anonymous Jeeo - it's like chaa-shaa, bhaanday - teenday, etc.

You know?

Anonymous said...


Speeeell It!

Anonymous said...

so you do u plan to study in college...and are u staying at home or have u moved to the dorms/hostels/halls


b said...

Anonymous Sahib Ji, was that a command? : ) A command from a king - I'm honoured.

(w)vaheguru : )

Anonymous said...

b the shmee,

You asked if it was a command and then assumed it was : )

Anyways I think it's quite sad that you still don't realise what shmee is.


Teraroop, if a picture really is worth a thousand words then this is your longest post yet.

Congratulations. Now where is that box of laadoos?

Anonymous said...

*box of cookies : )

b said...

Cookies? *hopeful*

You're right, I assume way too much. *bows*

Although I won't repeat the immortal words of Bhai Lehna Ji : )

(*scowls* you could just tell me what it means, these things sometimes take me months to twig.)

Anonymous said...

Teraroop rectification or no rectification I still want my box of cookies!

I thought words in stars only referred to an action you were doing. The act of being hopeful?

‘(*scowls* you could just tell me what it means, these things sometimes take me months to twig.)’

Now you know how Teraroop felt trying to ‘twig’ who the charismatic b was. Personally I thought you’d turn out to be someone completely different. *hopeful*

b said...

I feel like throwing something at you.


Anonymous said...

Teraroop my hero, save me!!!

TeraRoop said...

Angad Veerji - I am currently attending community college, and will transfer to a university in two years. So I'm {thankfully =)} still at home for some time!

hahahah.. anon Jeeo, the longest post on the blog to date is no cause for celebration!! =p But I suppose I could give you a box of cookies for the occasion that I managed the longest post on the bloggie to date without writing more letters/words than ever before.. hrmm

*puts two boxes of cookies on the blog*

*steps in front of anon Ji and holds a third box out to b Bhenji*


Those last two comments had me laughing out loud.. you guys are awesome =D

I wonder who anon Ji thought you were, b Bhenji?

Also, anon Jeeo, are you a Veerji or a Bhenji? Andddd another request, if you would be inclined to oblige - could you leave comments under some kind of name so I won't confuse you with any other anonymous that might happen to show up? =)

p.s. "As for you teraroop, do an ardas to the blanket of the world, Satguru Sri Guru Tegh Bahadhur Ji Maharaj. When people like you with kamai backing you up pray for others that message of pain is taken straight to the court of Akaal Purakh."

what kamai? o_O

b said...

The kamai from your Waheguru Notebook : )

[I can't believe you don't recognise not-very-Anonymous Sahib Ji.]

TeraRoop said...

haha! No, Bhenji.. not kamai.. that was me attempting to repay a debt. It'll be many, many, many Waheguru notebooks before I start making some kamai, so to speak =)

[Is it that obvious? It's not brain, I don't think. Not Novtej Veerji, either, is it? Not lil Uttam Singh.. who is it?]

b said...

Man. You two need to catch up. Has he really changed that much? Perhaps this time I'll pass by the opportunity to name him directly - though it would be good payback for him not telling me what b the shmee means.. *sighs*

Anonymouse said...

Teraroop, I'll call myself anonymouse. I don't think it's that obvious so don't worry about it. Obviously b can 'twig' things a lot quicker than she lets on.

btw b, the only thing which stays the same in life is change (for better or worse).

TeraRoop said...

Twig is such a funny word in this context!

hmm.. catch up? Meaning I DO know him.. not like with you, Bhenji! I couldn't guess who you were if I didn't even know you!

Have you been visiting for some time? Your name {anonymouse} reminds me of my anonymouses post..

Tell, tell!

pwease? =)

I just realized.. I started guessing people before I even found out if anon was a Bhenji or a Veerji.. I guess you just seem like a Veerji - I'm glad it turned out you are one, or I might have made you feel bad =(

b said...

You do know me from somewhere else, but anyways.

I just looked twig up in the dictionary, and for everyone's information (especially you Anonymouse Sahib) it is a perfectly appropriate word for this context.

(It would have been funny if you *had* called him a Bhenji.)

Anonymous said...

I used to visit your blog some times before but then I stopped and I only recently rediscovered it.

The word ‘twig’ makes me smile too but not for the usual normal reasons. *trees*

Teraroop where is the somewhere else where you know b from?

I’m going to take a backseat now with a box of popcorn to throw at other people.

b said...

^ so much for Anonymouse.

*grumbles* Just to let you know, you'll be doing the ducking - not the throwing. That's for remembering things which are meant to be forgotten.

Anonymouse said...

I'm sorry b.

manpreet kaur said...

Sat Nam!

Cookies, did i read cookies?
Boxes are empty already i suppose. Too bad i am too late.
Okay, ladoos will do fine too!

TeraRoop said...

Even if 'twig' is appropriate, it's strange, no? But you would pick up something like that, you blaiti =)

I do? Now I feel even sadder.. I never forget people.. could I have forgotten you? =(

Veerji - I see.. hmm.. aw, man.. will I ever find out the truth about you two? =(

I don't know where I know b Bhenji from, Veerji. I guess I'll just have to wait for someone to tell me. As for the popcorn - have fun! Just please don't toss any this way, I like my Dastar clean and popcorn-less =)

Those last two comments got a little too serious - smile guys! There's still some cookies! =)

hehe MK Bhenji - there's a box for you too! There were three, so one for Bhenji, one for Veerji, and one for you!

Now you can send some laddoos our way ;]

b said...

Teraroopie, what does blaiti mean?

b said...


TeraRoop said...


Blaiti is the word used for people who've gone abroad. Nowadays I mostly hear it used for UKers, I wonder if it ever applied to everyone who went abroad..

yeah. I'm not the right person to ask to explain stuff... =(

Anonymouse said...

b the blaiti : )

TeraRoop said...

b the shmee !! =)

b said...

My stock of witty comebacks has run out.

Anonymouse said...

Teraroop I think we broke bb the shmee : (

Btw can you see any of her witty comebacks?

b said...

..because breaking her isn't enough, we need to rub it in her face too.

Anonymouse, just you wait till I see you. And there will be no Teraroopie to save your sorry skin.

Anonymouse said...

Nyah...I have a lot worse coming.

Anyways Teraroop why did you editthe picture you took of Sachkhand Sri Tarn Taran Sahib Ji?

I've been meaning to ask people who do that for a long time so you're as good as any : )

b said...

(Glad you finally got round to asking, I was waiting.)

TeraRoop said...


{just wanted to express my amusement - will have to reply to your comments when I get home from el colegio =)}

Novtej said...

great post,it's given me the lift to reload my blog space. i guess a blog post can 'affect'(not hit or kill as that's rather mean!) 2 birds with 1 stone...thanks!

b said...

*nudges Teraroopie*

Anontmouse said...

I think she's gone to sleep.

*pokes her with a stick* (the stars as always were inspired by b)

b said...

I thought your thing was throwing popcorn at people? Where did the stick come from?

I think we've managed to make this the post with the hugest number of comments in the history of Teraroopie's bloggie. (*More cookies please*)

I just noticed those last two comments were made at exactly the same time, only 2 days apart. Coolness.

: )

Anonymouse said...

Throwing popcorn at people is my thing but Teraroop made it clear that she doesn't want any to come her way therefore I've resorted to poking with a stick as it's the next best thing.

I can't believe you noticed the date/time thing : ) It just shows that at the same time on two separate days we were very bored.

b said...

Boredom shmoredom. Contrary to popular belief, I actually like commenting on this bloggie : )

TeraRoop said...

I've replied to Veerji on his bloggie so that's that..

Sorry, you two - first I was having trouble accessing my blog. Then when I got here, I went off to comment Veerji's blog first, and then I think I got distracted. I didn't forget, I just got lazy =(

b Bhenji, were you waiting for him to ask because you wanted to know, or because you knew he wanted to ask? Because if it's the former, I want to know why you didn't just ask me yourself! =)

And thanks.. now I know the truth! I only get visits/comments when you two are bored =))

umm.. nope! No cookies for that - you guys have got a long way to go yet if you're trying to beat the most comments record. I think you're just about to pass the 1/3 mark =)

haha! poking me with a stick, huh? hmm.. it'll hurt for a bit, but still better than having to pick popcorn bits off myself.. and then smelling like stale popcorn for the rest of the day =)

Why? Obviously because we think the image will be better with some sort of editing.. why otherwise? If you noticed, the image doesn't have actual Darbar in it. It's just the sarovar and the surrounding complex on the opposite side from where I was standing. I'm pretty sure if it was a picture of Darbar the most editing I'd do is color/light enhancement. I don't know why, it's just this thing.. you know, like, it's good enough on its own, but I want to do it as much justice as possible. So since I lack proper photography skills, I'd edit.

I suppose the same argument could be made about the Sarovar, but I don't know. My honest answer is that I liked the image in composition and all, but it's presentation wasn't all that great. I guess the editing was to make it.. uh..

to give it some chapaah =)

I don't know.. maybe I'm just stupid.

Say, I don't know a lot. Why am I talking to people like I know something? o_O

In response to previouser comments - no way, Veerji, she's not broken. She's just like a windup toy, maybe. I do see her witty comebacks, they're right there - but I bet she's already spotted them and will be snatching them up soon enough =)

aww Bhenji, don't beat him up - we all know Kaurs are stronger than Singhs, it just wouldn't be fair *mischievous* ; ]

k - long comment over

hehehehehe bb the shmee! =D

TeraRoop said...

ok wait.. i just saw b Bhenji's comment.

haha yay! =))

I have a friend! =)

If you guys haven't noticed already, I'm pretty much a little kid about the tiny things in life ^_^

But why is it popular belief that you don't? And ACTUALLY? hahaha!

hmm... =)

whoa *smiley smiley* I think last night's euphoria has totally leaked over into today whooooohooooo *happydance*

b said...

I knew he wanted to ask. I wouldn't steal his thunder by asking myself. Now I shall wait for his reply. Here's mine:

Thank you, that was illuminating :)


Only 1/3? :( What a popular Teraroopie.

Don't say I'm a wind-up toy, he'll take it as a cue to wind me upppp :'(

And what happened last night that was euphoria inducing?

TeraRoop said...

ah, okay.

ahahahah.. illuminating? alrighty, if you say so..

lol nehi Bhenji, not popular! haha it was a conversation, really, over time =) It was between me and two others basically, and after some time just one other, so it wasn't like.. 187 different people! hahah

awww.. sorry! Okay, b Bhenji's not like a wind-up toy.. do you think Veerji is? mousie Veerji =)

What happened last night that was euphoria inducing? This. =) I didn't think Veerji would like it {the Veerji I stoleded it from} but he really did, and I have so few successes that it made me all giddy. And then everything that happened after that just seemed so good because I was on such a high, so I just got happier and happier =)

yay happiness

Anonymouse said...

Thanks for your answer Teraroop. I half expected that would be the reason although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand how editing Sachkhand (whole complex for me) can ever make it more beautiful. Personally I think it takes a lot from it rather than adding anything to it. Anyways I’m not here to debate that.

Will someone tell me what shmoredom means?

Windup toys reminded me of the night before the science fair : ) btw b you are a wind up toy!


b said...

For once anonymouse was blunter than b.

I know why you're here : ( you're here to make fun out of me.

I'm not going to tell you what shmoredom means.

That's a very nice picture Teraroopie : )

TeraRoop said...

I kind of expected that.. and I don't really know if I have a response.

Ahh got to leave for schoolie! But um before I go, I had this thought last night {can't remember what caused it..} - are you by any chance the Gupt Singh who runs Spiced Sakhiaan? =)

I will return! With more to say on the topic, I'm sure.

Thanks b =)

b said...

Anonymouse Sahib is Most Definately Not the author of Spiced Sakhis (who btw seems to have forgotten about that site altogether).

TeraRoop said...

Ah, yeah, I was kind of beginning to doubt it..

and yeah, go poke him or something and tell him to take the blog seriously!

b said...

Poke him?

Sounds like a job for our very talented Anonymouse Sahib.

(Btw I don't know if Textbook Lemon was ever meant to be taken seriously.)

Anonymous said...

It's quite alright Teraroop, you don't need to give another response.

Also if I was the Gupt Singh who runs Spiced Sakhiaan I’d be an even bigger hypocrite than I am now what with all the editing/spicing of the sakhiaan.

And yes b the only reason I visit Teraroop’s blog is to come and make fun of you. Also I don’t think I can poke people I don’t know so I’m going to hand the stick down to you and hopefully you’ll be able to carry on with the work I’ve dedicated my life to.

b said...

I'm not a poker, I'm a puncher/whacker. And you do know him anyway.

TeraRoop said...

but I don't know anybody =(

I know, Veerji, but I'd like to..

Just one line from your comment makes me want to say something:

"...I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand how editing Sachkhand (whole complex for me) can ever make it more beautiful."

I'm not trying to make Sachkhand more beautiful. It's not that at all. It's just the image, not even what it represents, just the image.


"(Btw I don't know if Textbook Lemon was ever meant to be taken seriously.)"

hahah =D

"And yes b the only reason I visit Teraroop’s blog is to come and make fun of you."

Good. =) Not that you come to make fun of her, but that you don't come for me/the blog ^_^

Now, do I have your permission to "post new post!"? I kind of didn't want to since we were having a conversation. By all mean, continue.. but it's been a while.

see ya, guys

emm.. maybe =)

b said...


She's ditching us!!


TeraRoop said...


lol NO way. I'm not ditching you! First off, I even asked your permission. Second, who said I'm not going to continue replying under this post?

Let it be made clear - as long as you guys are commenting, I will reply. =)

{As long as I have the capacity to do so.. I mean, if I die tomorrow and you guys are still commenting, I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll be able to reply =p}

This keyboard sucks !!

b said...


I'll let you post a new post.

TeraRoop said...

Thank you =))

Anonymouse Veerji? May I? =)

vsingh said...

Yes yes, we are here checking back!
You definetly have a talent you should develop.

You'll learn loads in collage- although it might seem different and dodgy - I'm sure you'll learna lot and actually enjoy doing it =)

Hope things are going good, and ohope to see u blogging more frequently =D

Anonymous said...

Teraroop if that's the case then why can't you edit/play around with pictures taken which are not of Sachkhand? Anyways thanks for taking the time to explain why you do what you do to me : )

With regards to you posting a new post you don't require anyone's permission. This blog belongs to you and we are mere visitors who seem to have scared away your usual readers/commenters. For that reason I'll stop for a while until they return.

Also making fun of b can be done any time any where. The real reason I come on this blog is to get the cyber darshan of a gursikh who will now deny the term and take back her box of cookies.

b said...

(Can I have his box)

TeraRoop said...

Hey guys, I'm really sorry - I haven't been having midterms, but a huge load of work instead. Paper after paper due this past week.

VSingh Veerji, I'll reply on your blog.

mousie Veerji - I do play around with and edit other images. In fact, messing around with Guruduara shots is rare. I usually just edit people or stuff on the ground, etc. Or Nishan Sahib for a random dramatic effect, like this one. I hate leading people to my own 'work' or whatever, but if you do ever look at my Flickr, you'll see what kind of stuff I waste my time with.

And um you're welcome =D It's no problemo at all-o

haha of course.. I know I don't really need your 'permission', but I didn't want to make it seem like I was just ditching these comments. hahahha.. usual commentors? um.. it's all you guys, now. I don't have my old 'readers' anymore =) So you haven't scared anyone away, and there's no need/reason to stop. It's nice to have some company on your own little renter corner of cyberspace =)

So you and b know each other in person? I thought so, but wasn't sure.

me? Gursikh?


*hysterical laughter*

*funny stares from other students in the hitherto silent computer lab*

You may keep your box of cookies =) I'm surprised it's not already finished =)

No, Bhenji, you can't =p.. would you like some kaju katli? YUM. =D

kbye you lot! Off to post new post.. will be back if you leave more comments here

emm.. seems fitting..

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh =)

Novtej said...

OH MY WORD!!! have i missed the worlds greatest discussion over this blog post??!!

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