Friday, June 08, 2007

Going Away for a while..

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

To anyone who reads this blog, there won't be any updates for some time. I'm going to be away from internet activities for a while, just warning you, before people go crazy with the emails like last time =)

No worries, life is great - just going to be busy for a while, and can't have any distractions.

It's also extremely likely I won't read any comments on this post..

Take care everyone.. lots of love to b Bhenji =) And thank you for making me feel heard - I hope you're all still here somewhere when I get back =)

-silly teraroopie

Waaahhheguru Ji Ka Khalsaaa Waahheguru Ji Ki Fatehh !!

13 Responses to “Going Away for a while..”

Novtej said...

take care bhenji.

Anonymous said...

good riddance.. hope you never come back

b said...


If you want to diss her, at least have the guts to do it to her face.

Our imperfections will be judged by Dharamraj alone, I doubt he needs help doing the job.

In the eternal words of Charlie Brown, life is like an ice cream cone: you have to learn to lick it.

Anonymous said...

b haha i can guess what that stands for!

anyway... you don't know her like i do... it's about time she stopped talking and backed away before she got into some serious trouble... she better watch her back... she really thinks she's all that with her blog and her flicker and everything i bet she thinks she's heka religious and stuff... she's nothing but a big pile of sh*t and the sooner you guys figure that out the better

i'd get my facts straight before acting like you're all religious too

you lick it!!!!!

b said...

Dear Dharamraj's apparent sidekick,


Everyone makes mistakes. There's no need to dedicate your life and time to exposing hers (or hiding behind a computer screen) even if you can see inside the minds and souls of others. There are so many other things to do and places to visit. Scotland's nice, take a trip or something. Like I said, the imperfections will be judged by Dharamraj alone, and to me this is a fact which does not need any straightening out. If you dislike her/the bloggie so much, then don't visit it.

Thank you, I do try my best to lick it and quite often it tastes good.

And the b stands for Bhajneek.

Take care and please tell your boss I send my regards.

Anonymous said...

Bhenji is right, it doesn't make sense to come and comment on Japneet's blog if you hate her so much. And apparently, you come to check for replies everyday - maybe even more than once a day - because you always reply the same day as the other person. If I'm not mistaken, you've been here before to badmouth her. Why are you so scared? If you're such a maha-Sikh, then a murakh manmathi like Japneet doesn't stand a chance against you, right? If it ever came down to it, you could take her easy. She can't hurt a Guru ka Sikh - right?

People like you disgust me. You're probably Pamma's henchman or something, and as someone who hears everything around Gurdwara, I know that she's not the the big pile of shit that you accuse her of being - it's people like you and Pamma and the others who continue to badmouth her despite the fact that she's never done a thing to you. Tell me what she did? Why is she such a bad Sikh? And any example you give me that's even slightly legitimate, I will give you the name of at least three others, in OUR age group, at OUR Gurdwara, who have committed the same crime - and you're probably each one's friend.

So let's begin, shall we? I have no doubt that Japneet's following all this; she gets e-mail notifications. It's another sign of her virtue that she doesn't say anything to you. If she had criticized you, you'd have bitten her head off - you come and say these horrible things about her to the whole world, and what does she say to you? Has she ever once badmouthed you?

In fact, as I recall, the last time some idiot like you pranced along and decided to foul up her blog, she apologized and called them a Gursikh whose good properties she could never live up to. Can you imagine that? SHE apologized to filth like YOU, who said awful things about her.

Grow up, damn it.

Japneet, sorry for the language.

Oh, and Bhenji - my regards to you right back ;)

Anonymous said...

everyday huh? is that why i didnt reply the same day you left that disrespectful comment? what the f*ck do you think you are?

pamma's great! and what do you think i am that i would go around spreading everyone's business all over the place?

buzz off no one asked you anyway

TeraRoop said...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

to comment number 2: Sorry to disappoint you.

b Bhenji, I apologize for this anonymous person's comments toward you. The things they have said and implied are unforgivable, but I hope you won't keep it in your heart - it's not good for you, it'll ruin the taste of that ice cream cone =)

I also apologize that your name was revealed to me in such a way - this anonymous person has really ruined our fun, now haven't they? Bhajneek is a beautiful name.

to comment number 3: You know what the b stands for now, and if what I think you meant is really what you meant, watch out. If I ever find out who you are, your face will have a red mark on it in the shape of my hand for insulting my beautiful, wonderful Bhenji in such a way. She doesn't "act all religious" if you paid attention at all, and who are you to dictate others' actions to them?

To anonymous number 2: I'm honored that you considered me worthy enough to defend me, but there was no reason to bring up Paramjit Singh Ji in such a way. What has HE done to YOU, then? =) You don't even know if this person has anything to do with Pamma Ji. I would ask you to apologize to him for dragging his name through the mud like this, and though I cannot force you, I have faith you will do the right thing.

Also, please do not engage in any such waste of time - why would you want to sit there and say who is what? Wouldn't it be so much better to work on yourself in such a way that no one would be able to think or say that about you? I sure hope you think so.

You make me sound so much better than I really am, you know. I don't know if I know you are not, but I can tell you don't know me very well ^_^. By the way, are you a Bhenji or a Veerji?

Now, this last commenter here. I do believe you're right - Pamma Ji is great. You are also right in saying that I'm a great pile of - well, whatever it is you called me. You're also right in not spreading everyone's business all over the place. Well done.

I would ask you to please stop cursing on my blog - replacing the vowels in profane words does not disguise your low-mindedness, nor your intentions. I advise you, for your own benefit, please do not use such disgusting words. If you find you are too attached to them, please keep them away from this blog, as I have come to find that some people actually do visit it, and I don't want them to be around such words.

Thank you.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Anonymous said...

Japneet, I'm sorry. You're absolutely right. In my haste to defend you, I stooped to anon's level.

I also apologize to Pamma for what I said. He had nothing to do with this conversation, and though I still think that including him in my comment stems from legitimacy, I see where you're coming from. I'm sorry, Pamma. Does he read your blog, Japneet? If he knows what's going on, please let him know I apologize profusely.

How do you do it? How do you put up with what people say about you, knowing it's not true? I'm sorry to bring him up again, but I know what went down, and what else {who else, actually} after that. I don't understand how you deal with it. I've never seen you yell at any of them or say anything bad about them.

No, we don't know each other personally, and if you don't mind, I'd like for it to remain that way - for now. I hope you don't take it wrong, I just kind of like being anonymous. It's really quite helpful. So though we've never interacted in any way, I can honestly say that I think you are amazing. I know what you've done wrong, but we all have faults, and you've admitted your mistakes. You're amazing, and no matter how much you deny it, I will continue to believe it. Don't be so modest.

Thanks, Japneet - it's good to see a good kid at Fremont. And I'm sorry, but I can't just leave it like this, so...

anonymous - who asked YOU? And you ask me who you are to spread everyone's business everywhere, yet you do that to Japneet. And you probably read what I wrote and waited a few days to prove me wrong.

I got nothing else to say to you.

Take care, Japneet. Oh, and I'm a Veerji :)

b said...


Let's hope all that praise doesn't send Japneetie's head to the clouds.

TeraRoop said...

Oh, the one that's already up there 24/7? =) Sorry I didn't read that comment before!

Veerji =) I think you're crazy.


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