Sunday, May 06, 2007

"Sikh Women's Day"

I find it disturbing that we have to set aside a special day to celebrate Sikh women.


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Anonymous said...

where did you find out abt sikh women's day? where did people 'celebrate it' etc?

btw who is we referring to?

the khalsa panth of guru maharaj celebrates such a 'day' everysingle second of every singleday.

TeraRoop said...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

It was yesterday at Guruduara Sahib Fremont.

We as in us! =) haha sorry, we meaning the Panth, or the part of the Panth that deems such a thing necessary.

"the khalsa panth of guru maharaj celebrates such a 'day' everysingle second of every singleday."

I agree with you completely, Jeeo. That sentiment is what fueled this post.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

satvinder said...

um... I saw this post before... and kind of just went hummm and carried on.

but looking back...

Why do you say you find it disturbing?

I guess... I guess it's sad that there is a *need* for a specific day to commemmorate women who make / have made a contribution to Sikhi... I guess this is because we forget on a daily basis. Is that what you meant?

Other than that I think it's quite a nice idea that we celebrate women who choose to live as Sikhs... If a day raises the profile of Sikh women and encourages other women to follow... then maybe it's worth it?

I dunno... I'm just being a scatter-brain and looking for excuses not to wrok ;o)

b said...

is this you?

TeraRoop said...

I understand where you're coming from, especially in regards to your comment about how it's worth it if it would honor Sikh women and encourage other women on the path of Sikhi, but {as you said} it's just the fact that Sikh women aren't honored every single day like Sikh men that bothers me. I duno..

Bhenji, yes, unfortunately that is me. Also me is this:

And this:


b said...

unfortunately? interesting Teraroopie =) seeing as you had the guts/confidence to post pictures of yourself for us all to have your Darshan.

Our King made you very pretty.

TeraRoop said...

I thought it best not to allow people to think me pretty without seeing the reality to judge by, first.

Unfortunately, there seems to be this forcefield around my face that keeps the ugliness in and reflects everyone else's beauty, thereby confusing people and messing with their vision, making them think I'm pretty.

Weird, hena?

My darshan? Waheguru.. Bhenji, you really are quite silly.

I wonder what you look like =)

b said...

keep wondering.


btw - b's mummy is an obstetrician.

TeraRoop said...

I thought so =)

WHOA really?!


Wana help me out? *bats eyelashes*

=p hehe

b said...

lol - unforunately I can't advise you on American Medical Schools or which Majors/Minors to take (I never understood the whole major-minor thingie).

I can tell you that obs & gyn is very worthwhile (when you get to scan/deliver the babies), very scary (when the baby is about to die and its mummy is losing blood), very frustrating (if patients refuse to be sensible), very upsetting (when you have to tell women there's a problem in pregnancy), and I could go on (because mummy tells me too many gory stories, like the time when she came home with blood on her eyebrow) but the point is that it's a great career to embark upon and you won't ever get bored.

seriously. it's good.


TeraRoop said...

Yeah - that's why I picked it.

I don't know. My whole life I wanted to do something with English, but then I came to realize I couldn't just major in English and be done with it. I had to pick a career - which I just couldn't do.

Then one day my friend said you should be the doctor that delivers babies. I laughed, but she insisted, saying that she just saw me in a mommy role {which is why once before she said I should be a housewife =) which, actually, I wouldn't mind}.

Anyway, I began to consider it. And then I decided. It was perfect..

And thanks for pointing all that out. I think in my euphoria over finally having decided what to do and how incredible it seems to help bring those tiny miracles into this world, I forgot the different problems.

Thank you =)

Well, I didn't expect that you'd be able to help me pick a school haha.. but it would help if you could ask your mum what she majored in?

Thanks bhainay

b said...

The American system seems very silly. Even sillier than me, if possible. Can't you just do a Medicine course without faffing around in all this major/minor business?

My mummy studied in India. She did science at school/college and then studied Medicine.

What do other doctors do over there? Where do they learn the actual medical stuff if they just do other subjects in university?

SikhSpeak.Com said...

Come over to England to study Medicine.... I could help point you in the direction of med schools (you will have to do conversions to go back) but still saves like a zillion years...

(p.s. I too am a medic)

nkk said...

i too thought that maybe i cud go into the same field as u....but then i was like "NOOO WAAY"...

thanks b for saving me from doing sumthing i cud never have done

TeraRoop said...

ohh.. okay.

I don't know, the U.S. is relatively retarded haha.

um.. you go to medical school.

Oh man, I'm totally reconsidering this now.. maybe I don't want to be a doctor.


SS - I've actually always wanted to go to the UK for uni. Ever since I was little I was sure of three things: 1) not gana be a doctor. 2) gana major in English. 3) gana go to Oxford.

umm none of that worked out very well =D haha

lol @ Navdeep Bhenji.. you silliehead.

Sorry for the late reply everyone, I didn't get notification e-mails this time!

b said...

You should go for it Teraroopie. I am. There are lots of different fields you can go into - you don't need to make up your mind right now. If you're having doubts then ask Brainie and he'll tell you how it is.

(Don't worry, Oxford isn't all that great. Not much sangat there.)

Puneet said...

Hey! ..guess who it is :)

Anyway, are you serious? Why was this enacted? Its really sad to watch all these activists or utter reformers who all think they are right. Why not just leave things be?

PS. How are you?

PPS. I thought I'd try this out and see where it takes me. I love writing and just sharing thoughts with other people. You're doing your doctorate? FILL ME IN!!

Kaptaan said...

can I please get a blog feed url for your blog so I can add it to my sikh blog update?thanks.

ss said...

Hmmm - speaking as someone who works in a UK university all I can say is ... youve drifted a long way from the original topic :-)

Oxford? Never heard of it.

SikhSpeak.Com said...

TR, you gotta do WHAT U WANNA DO!

You seriously can't go into something half hearted (speaking from experience haha!)

Also, getting into med school is tough so be sure...

If you wanna do English @ Oxford GO FOR IT! Or if u wanna study something else GO FOR IT...If u need any help (and I can be of help lmk)

Khalsa4ever said...

Interesting point of view... Its too bad that we have to set aside a particular day to celebrate something that is so fundamentally ingrained in Sikhi, but that still people just don't get it.

Its ridiculous and sad at the same time...

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