Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

The reflection of a soul trapped underneath shattered mistakes. We can see through the cracks of our self-imposed emotional prison, yet we can’t reach out for life.

Sonia Vargas,
My So-Called Digital Life, p94

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Pogo ji said...

But maybe you could use the shards to rebuild what was broken... hmmm... you know, maybe use a little bit of crazy glue...


This quote brings scary images into my head. Like being trapped under a fallen building, and there's no one around to help pull you out, you know?

Hang on, though... there's always WAheguru!!

TeraRoop said...

oh nehi nehi nehi Bhenji - it's nothing like that!

This quote just caught my eye =). It's from a book of photographs taken by high school/middle school children relating to school and the lives of schoolchildren. My teacher in ninth grade decided she wanted us to do it, too.. my crappiest picture ever got published in that book, and mum and dad insisted we own our own copy.

Mum - being mum - was showing it to an Aunty Ji the other day, and after they left, I was leafing through it again.. and this time around, this quote caught my eye.

It's not how I'm feeling right now - I'm way past that stage. It was just something I was thinking about and wanted to throw it out there.

I'm totally fine, and only because of what you said - there's always Waheguru! =)

No more scary images - oh frightening displays, I banish you!


Pogo said...


good, I was worried for you! Frightening image is gone now. :)

{ Hmmm, you seem to get published alot, don't you? ;) }

By the way, I just finished this story and it's coming your way. But don't forget your end of the bargain - I expect one back! :P


Anonymous said...


TeraRoop said...

anonymous ji, are you an anonymous anonymous, or are you brain, or are you b bhenji?

no, i don't =)) i'm sure that was quite by accident.. the picture really does suck big time hahahah

I'm sure you're expecting one, and you'll get one - just don't wait up for it.. it might take a while =)

and where's yours? shouldn't it be here by now? hrmm...

b said...

*looks innocent*

it wasn't me : )

when in doubt, blame Brain :p - mm i like that.

or maybe it was an anonymous anonymous :|

Pogo said...

Patience is a virtue, my friend. ^_^

(Actually, I haven't finished typing it on my computer yet :P)

TeraRoop said...

haha that's a good one, b Bhenji.. i wonder what brain would make of that =p

Yes indeed it is Bhenji - a virtue I don't have =(

But I got it! Finally got it! And you couldn't have sent it at a worse time =p because I'm super excited to read it and I'm leaving in ten minutes and won't be home the rest of the day AHHH


Anonymous said...

Where is my Narf? :)

Pogo said...

ok u should be back home by now... have you read it yet? ???? I need feedback!!

Pogo said...

(what's a narf?)

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