Sunday, January 14, 2007

phor jur inpho

umm.. duno why i'm bothering, but just wanted to point something out

There're some links in the sidebar under the title of '<33.'

This is by no means an attempt at a massive list of links to every single Sikh blogger/resource or anything else like that, but things that REALLY stood out to me. That hit home. Hard. Or they're up by request =p or because I personally know the blogger/site owner and am advertising the blog/site haha

anywayy.. I guess I might explain them a bit {maybe one or two of whoever's left on blogosphere will have figured out by now that I just want to blog SOMETHING and don't want to do any serious thinking or composing}

'Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj' is split into two separate links, both leading the clicker to some form of my favoritest Shabad I've ever heard to date. That Shabad has its own history with me and I was just about to say 'I'll blog about it sometime' - I really think I should stop doing that. Anyway, the 'Dhan Dhan' will take you to the SikhNet Audio HukamNaama Sevaa page, while the rest will take you to SikhiToTheMax - read/listen to this Shabad! It's amazing! Amazing !!

Link No. 3, titled 'Dhan Guru Pyaarae' will take you to SikhLionz Veerji's beautiful bloggie which I fell head over heels in love with because it's all Gurbaani Gurbaani Gurbaani Gurbaani Gurbaani and Waheguru Jeeeeee =)). Visit it.. just visit it and read the new post every time you visit, okay? It's good for you =)

Numero Cuatro: 'Prem, Dedication' is the Sikh Sakhian subforum on It's really an amazing Sevaa done by none other than our beautiful brain who's identity I will not reveal any further than it already has been because I know he wouldn't like it. Beautiful act by a beautiful soul. You will nothing but benefit from visiting that link.. it's one of those treasured resources of collective information of ours.

Panj; Upon request, a link to has been added to le blog - this site is kind of hidden, apparently, even I didn't know about it until quite recently. It's quite the Khajana for the ears and soul, however, so do check it out when you have some time, not completely worn out eardrums, and storage space on your hard drive to spare =)

#6 - Textbook Lemon is what my idiot brain came out with and I don't think I'll explain it because then I'll look like an even bigger idiot and though normally I'd be all for showing my true colors to the Sangat who for some reason thinks I'm a nice, intelligent, religious child {BAHAHHAHAHHAAH}, I think I'll refrain from waving this crazy flag so as to prevent further difficulty in mum finding me a suitable husband who's family is ignorant of my certifiable insanity and overactive imagination and thinks I'm suitable too {boyy is it fun to ramble =) although I can't quite pull it off with the humorous flair of ss Veerji, or intelligent inquisitiveness of Satvinder Bhenji, I do quite enjoy the process if not the messy end result =)}.

Anyhoo, it's something I just stumbled upon today and although I only got a chance to skim one of the actual posts, the about page sparked my interest, and until I return for a second glance, the link remains - and may even remain afterward =). Although I'm not one of the hard-core people the blog author seems to be wary of, TR's walls do take a bit of effort to tear down. Check it out, it really does seem cool.. textbook lemon hehehe

ah, Number Seven - the number is an interesting coincidence. Anyone passing by on the day of the release of the destination of said link will have been directed towards it, but now we have a constant reminder, yay =)

There, I think that's enough to distract my attention from the previous, depressing post - which I shouldn't have posted but refuse to take down.

former 'Faujan', over n' out.

bhull chuk maaf karn di Kripaaltha karnaa Pithaa Jee
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

p.s. b Bhenji.. your aloo of california doesn't know who you are either, hah! but he won't tell me even if he does figure out, he says. You're all over the place, aren't you? Caught a comment from you on Textbook Lemon today =)

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b said...

aaaah you made me grin so much that people are looking at me funnie.

*sigh* @ vik. i didn't expect him to remember. *woeful*

beautiful act by a beautiful soul indeedie..

thank you so much for posting a link to Textbook Lemon. he'll be so excited lol =)

Lemon Author said...

heyyyy fatehhhh jeeee

aww nice site and thanx for posting a link to my siteee =D

- grows up again -
feel free to comment on the site and let us know how you find it.. Plusif you want to join us in the project contact me on [censored] (ooopsi nearly gave it away.. damnit have to be careful!!)

- and you think YOU're crazee lol -

By the way - Why lemon's textbook..? =S

take careeeee x

solar said...

Make it 3 people wasted their time (so far).

Humourous flair - lol :-)

ss said...

Hmm don't know why that says Solar previously.

[NB. It's still only 3 people - double visits don't count :-)]

Pogo ji said...

textbook lemons... hmm, i like :) it sounds like it should be the name of a band.

i love the spiced sakhian link, very unique

[well i guess this makes 4 ppl now :) ]

VSK said...

Well I think I know but I'm just not sure, since I haven't talked to you in so long.. Plus, I want to leave it a mystery for her =P

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