Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The phone rings, and the very last thing you expect to hear is news of someone's accident or death.

When my brother picked up the phone and immediately appeared serious, I had no clue what to do...any phone call that gets such a reaction out of him is scary.

He hung up and turned to an expectant me, one who had already been feeling the need to cry for a few hours, not knowing why. He said it was Tarun Veerji and that Dulla Ji was in an accident.

I froze. What do I do? I thought immediately of a few people to call and inform, then I was sure they already knew. My next reaction was to jump up and run inside, get on Waheguroo forums and Sikh Sangat.. oh Waheguru Ji..

What do I do? Why did hearing this news break my heart? I'm so confused.

And I couldn't help but be astonished that people are resorting to reprimands about MSN language on DS..


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Anonymous said...

waheguru, dulla jee and his family have been such great sevaks for the chardikala of the panth...
god only knows what will end up with the likes of me..

Me said...

Oh my dear friend, I'm so sorry to hear that. I know how you must feel because it has happened to me three times. School work and everything else is nothing at that time. All you start to think about is God and just life. Even now I want to cry for you (me eyes are teary and I'm shaking.. for some reason). Please email me! Please. I want to share the sadness that is within you. Please

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