Thursday, November 30, 2006


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

hiya =)

"Sakhian, GGSCF's fist publication made possible by children/youth who contributed towards last year's "Sikh Story Writing" contest, is a collection of over 10 stories and poems written by children varying in age from seven all the way up to seventeen. The book is an account of some of the most best-loved stories from our amazing Sikh history, all told with an imagination and voice that can only be found in the writings of our dear children. The book is not about simply telling and passing on stories – it is about inspiration and motivation to keep our spirit flourishing."

GGSCF - Guru Gobind Singh Children's Foundation is "
A Foundation run by children/youth with a vision to help other children meet their basic needs, while adding meaning to their lives, and carrying out the work in the spirit of the teachings of Sikh Gurus."

Looking at their Vision, their Mission Statement, their Values and Background, I have to say my heart is stirred. I love this. I absolutely love this. Youth helping youth. This makes me realize that my disappointment is foolish, makes me shove aside my pessimism, and truly believe that someone does care! Yay! Go GGSCF!

The above book is only $1.25. Buy it. Do it. You know you want to. Come on.... do ittttt! Just clickity on the image above, it'll take you to the information page about the anthology, and then buy it!


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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TeraRoop said...

p.s. b Bhenji and Novtej Veerji, I've replied to your comments (finally)

sorry for the delay.. i'm not on top of the important things lately guys.

b the silliehead said...

"I like your mixed level of anonymousness and familiarity."

i'm glad, let's keep it this way.

the word's anonymity TeraRoopie : ) and don't worry about your priorities, i'm sure they're doing just fine.

TeraRoop said...

"'m glad, let's keep it this way."

okay. does that mean i'll never know who you are? =)

"the word's anonymity TeraRoopie : )"

I know bhenji =) I didn't want them both ending in y.. (don't ask, im really weird like that. its my own personal spin on obsessive compulsiveness {compulsion =p})

as for my priorities.. let's just say they're set but i don't follow them.

take care Bhenji

silliehead said...

(but anonymousness is just like both of them ending in y! instead it's "-mousness" ... which *nearly* rhymes)

i'll stop now.

TeraRoop said...

your name fits you and your comment quite well =)

Paneet said...

Thank you for this really nice post, bhenji, I'm honoured!

I'm just thinking though... you're never going to say how you're connected to this book, are you?

*shakes head*

Take care! ;)

TeraRoop said...

Waheguru Ji.. you're very welcome =)

Me? Connected to this book? whaaa ?!

I'm sorry, I think you've got me confused with someone else =)

*nods head*


Pogo ji said...

tut tut



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satvinder said...

where is teraroopie????

missing you little one :o(

Anonymous said...

i sense teraroop's blogger comeback soon.... :P

Anonymous said...

i went to the website but couldnt find where you can buy it! I am a confirmed dumba*s. can you give us a direct link to the page please :p

Anonymous said...

right here ;)

wondering where teraroop has got to...

Anonymous said...

please stop scaring us...

satvinder said...

hmnn? who's scaring who? and kiun?

r said...

I bet shes busy in samadhi :)


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