Sunday, November 26, 2006

Research Paper Ramblings

I sit in front of the computer with a dull ache above my left temple, the remnants of a pounding headache that allowed me the relief of sleep only after three and a quarter or so hours of tossing and turning in bed, and a stabbing pain at the base of my skull where the knot of my keski digs into my flesh. My head hurts throbbingly, and the loud pounding is drowned out only by Kirtan from the October Bakersfield Smagam turned up to a volume slightly louder than normal. TeraRoop's mum repeatedly telling her to turn it down doesn't help much =)

There are thirteen tabs open in the browser, other than the one for this page, three of which have the Google icon, and the other ten of which start with either the names of Newspapers or the word 'Special'. What is TeraRoop up to?

That's right - it's that time of year again; term paper for history class. Which wouldn't be all that bad, only as TR's a senior this year, that means that the paper's not for a history class, rather for American Government. woohooo

I've thought about this before, but Wanda Sykes' book yeah, i said it, and my exasperating research on U.S. actions relating to Iraq have made me question American idiocy yet again.

I don't understand how the same people who wanted to impeach a president who (to my knowledge was pretty good for their country) had sexual relations outside of his marriage, don't want to impeach a president who very apparently, lied to them. Looking at it from a Sikhi point of view, I suppose what Clinton did really was worse, but, um, hello - Bush lies to the nation by saying that Saddam Hussein has banned weapons (which by the way, no one ever found and Rumsfeld undermined the British gov't by suggesting that Mr. Hussein destroyed them before the war even began) to either gain oil or avenge whatever happened to his father, or perhaps a combination of both. I'd be out there campaigning to get him impeached if I gave more than two hoots about this nation.

Yeah, I'm a bit of an ignorant child. There was a time when I cared, and after that came the time where I stopped caring enough to stop paying attention but still cared enough to wish I did pay attention, but I just don't care anymore. Honestly, my caring isn't going to accomplish anything - and you can't say if everyone had that attitude, where would this nation be, because that only applies to people with a voice, and I can't vote and don't care much for getting told off by mum for being arrested for protesting =).


Wanda Sykes made another point I discussed with myself back when it mattered; Bush is doing a hell of a lot to try and get Americans' attention off his blunder by focusing on things that either don't matter or can be resolved easily. I mean, he hasn't kept any of his promises (I love the cartoon my computer science teacher put up in her room about Bush's promised 'no child left behind' policy), and he's just shoving the spotlight around any which way 'til it hits something the less than focused U.S. resident will avert their eyes to. Gay marriage, steroids, etc.


What am I doing? Eleven books, thirteen tabs, a pounding headache, and Kirtan that I want to sing along with but should probably turn off so I can think about stupid Bush and his idiocy instead.

I made this offer on Flickr and I'll make it again here: fifty bucks to anyone who'll write me a paper containing at least 1000 words on the 'Iraq war', endnotes included. Link me the sources, I'll do the bib, one endnote per para, I'll e-mail you the outline. It's due this Wednesday.

Okay, a hundred bucks, but that's IT.

Yes. I'm really that desperate.


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

p.s. that first para sounds Novtej Veerji-ish, hena? =)

pps HOLYYYY an hour just passed ?!

*falls off chair and doesn't move*

11 Responses to “Research Paper Ramblings”

Anonymous said...

Have you got back up yet?

TeraRoop said...

*shakes head furiously*

b said...

yes it does sound very novtej-veerji-ish.

and i doubt shaking your head furiously would help the headache.

if this assignment is ever finished, it would be really good to get a copy of it. American Politics confuses me at times. but of course, if it does ever get finished, and if i did get a copy of it, then that would mean revealing my identity at last.

and it's much more fun to keep you guessing.

happy writing TeraRoopie : )

Anonymous said...

great post! i particularly like how you started it... :P

i guess in those moments you just have to bite the bullet and do it, no matter how painful it is!

And this for you 'b'... i think i know who you are...

b said...


don't tell her :p

TeraRoop said...

"and i doubt shaking your head furiously would help the headache."

you were right =)

haha it won't be very detailed or informative because i'm only going to fulfill minimum requirements.. i don't feel like doing my best at the moment.. darn senioritis.

you know why american politics are confusing? because they're stupid. they make no sense whatsoever because our president's an idiot and doesn't know what he's doing. thank God im not patriotic lol!

If you really wanted it that bad, I'm sure I could get it to you some other way that wouldn't reveal your identity, but yeah, I like your mixed level of anonymousness and familiarity. hehe thanks

hahahaha I thought you would Veerji

Yeah.. I guess so.

Okay now, one umm.. thought? lol.. if Novtej Veerji knows you.. because you guys live in the same place.. then I can't possibly know you because I don't live there

oh but if he knows you through cyberspace, then I may too..

can't you just give me a hint?

Anonymous said...

well presumptions are based on the writing style as well as the amount of things she knows about me!...she said happy birthday before i had written a post abt it!

here's a clue: she's from the UK but not england.

*scowl* said...

and she is going to hit novtej next time she sees him...

TeraRoop said...

is she cyberactive? cause if she's not, any attempts at guessing are useless =)

hehe i wana seeee (<-- will probably get smacked too =p)

satvinder said...

You know TR... sometimes it amazes me how intelligent you are for a "little one" (",)

TeraRoop said...

I think I'm really good at fooling people =)

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