Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Never felt a purer grief.


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b said...

ohe.. where did the wonderful photographer-vale-post go?

that was a nice one.


satvinder said...

"Never felt a purer grief"


you keep confuzzling me (",)

TeraRoop said...

the art of confuzzlement is one of bouncy ball's very few areas of expertise. be it confuzzling others or remaining in a constant state of confuzzlement itself, no one can beat this bouncy ball at the confuzzling game =)

b said...


To throw into a state of confusion.

great word.

Anonymous said...

okay either im really dumb or you're all conversing in another language...!

btw time is a healer :)

TeraRoop said...

b Bhenji: yup! awesome word.


He introduced it to us ^^

Novtej Veerji: it could be both, no? =p hehe, neither. You're just confuzzled. Or discombobulated - your choice.

as for time - so it's said =)

satvinder said...

little one... please stop confuzzling me and just answer the question... otherwise you're doing the politician thing... evading the question...

so what was the question?

I think it was "hmnnn?"


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