Sunday, November 12, 2006

I have amazing people in my life.

amazing = understatement of the next longest thing after millenium.

and all thanks to who? that's right. you got it. uh-huh, yup, exactly right.

i love you guru ji!

much love to you amazing people.. if only that were repayment enough.

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ss said...

> much love to you amazing people.. if only > that were repayment enough.

If there're that amazing then it's more than enough ;-)

TeraRoop said...

That doesn't make sense.. unless you mean their amazingness encompasses the quality of needing no repayment.

I sure hope you're right. That's a large debt for one person to owe..

ss said...

Makes total sense here and it does to you too as you then expound exactly the same sentiment in your following words.

You said - "much love to ....if only that were repayment enough"

So henceforth - because they are amazing ppl then the love you/anyone offered is more than enough - they don't demand it or expect it - but if offered it (like you did) then it's "repayment" enough.

Don't get hung up on literal/dictionary meaning of words. Repayment is not about debt in this context. Not everything is about the fiscal.

Avi said...

boo! okay you guys use wayyy too big words for me..i totally lost the meaning of this like 10 years ago. hahah hiiii :)

rsingh said...

hmm why do Americans write the date wrong?? Why put the month before the Day, e.g. MM/DD/YY in UK we always do DD/MM/YY its so confusing the american way say its the 3rd of November in America that would be 11/03/06 in UK 03/11/06 how would you know. gawd Americans. Thats my random rambling over lol.

So Bhenji when you updating :=P
Im a blogspot blogger again lol.

Anonymous said...

americans' brain's are backwards... for example 9/11 ...? 9th of november? they make one of the worst events to have happened at the turn of the century sound cool..."9/11" ....

TeraRoop said...

No, you're right - it's in no way related to the fiscal here. But it is a debt, just not to them. You're absolutely correct in saying that the love offered them is repayment enough, but that's only to them. The person they did so much for and are amazing to won't feel that way - i.e. me.

Par it's okay. They're amazing. They'll understand ;] =p

haha I know you won't be coming back to read this, avi, but hiiii =))

hahahaha I can't say you guys are the weird ones because 'your' way of writing it DOES make more sense, but I did NOT understand Novtej Veerji's comment. You weirdo. =)

Those of you repeatedly asking for updates, go back and read this post and give me feedback, because I know {don't ask how} that you guys didn't read it =):



satvinder said...

I have amazing people in my life


little bouncy ball included (",)

TeraRoop said...

uh oh.. looks like in bouncing around bhenji's walls, bouncy ball might have knocked her in the head a good few times.. o_O

ha! =)

satvinder said...

"If there're that amazing then it's more than enough ;-)"

Even if they're not amazing... it's more than enough. much more.

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