Sunday, October 01, 2006

oh, no.

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gurjeet kaur said...

kee hoya bhainay?

TeraRoop said...

Waheguru - realtime! =)

haha, lotsa stuff. But I was just feeling childish and expressive and was exaggerating emotions at what my parents were talking about, and I did something I've seen kids all over do.. the big O mouth, hands on cheeks, eyes wide.. you know, the whole shocked thing, and -

"oh, no!"

it was fun =D

that and everything else hahah

nee-nee time for gurjeet bhenji =)

satvinder said...

okay there is some seriously mental stuff going on over on this blog...

I approve ;o)

TeraRoop said...

first ss veerji gave his approval.. now i have yours

all i need is for brain to pop by and say the word - and nothing can stop me!



Anonymous said...

you need to see a blog-doctor!

TeraRoop said...

oh no - why?? is my bloggie sick?!

oh no!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha - "oh no"

TeraRoop said...

haii meanie.. scared me.. i thought my bloggie was going to die...


Gurvinderpal said...

oh bhenji.. you shouldn't be so attached toyour blog.. oh like i have room to talk about attachments.. you can call me Mr. MOh... oh no!!

TeraRoop said...

oh no!

hahahahah veerji i think you took it a little seriously.. im of course attached to my blog because i'm very mohi.. is that a word? anyway.. but im not more attached to my blog than to anything else.. so for now, it's not any less okay than anything else

as for you, Mr. MOh! it's okie =) we'll pull you out of it.

by the way, i replied to your e-mail but i didn't hear back.. just busy? or did you ever even get it?

ss said...

"mohi.. is that a word?"

It is now.

TeraRoop said...

cooooooooooooooooool !!

which dictionary?

ss said...

Thats the next phase - now we have to get it into common usage and get it adopted into the next round of dictionary updates.

How? ... like so:

I'm quite attached to the word mohi already :-)

TeraRoop said...


Bloggie Bulletin
3:34:57 PM on Monday October 9, 2006:

All bloggers please commence use of word 'mohi' at once. Use it as often as possible, but always in a contextually correct manner.

Goal: to have the aforementioned word 'mohi' added to as many dictionaries as possible before the month is out.

Good day.


ss said...

Dear blog athor,

I write as a representative of a major dictionary publisher, a leading purveyor in the word of lexicongraphy; in fact.

I have heard of a new word, mohi; that is is in use in certain quarters and am making enquiring into it's possible inclusion in future editions.

We are very attached to our product and are committed to including as many words in common usuage as possible.

Would it be possible to pass onto myself some details on the word with a view to it's future inclusion. You will of course be handsomely rewarded for this.

Your sincerely

satvinder said...

"I'm quite attached to the word mohi already :-)"

Much as I'd like to roll my eyes and hang my head I have to admit that this one's pretty clever (",)

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