Sunday, September 24, 2006

notetoself: today's political speaker at Guruduara Sahib

g'night all
or g'day
or good something in between

it's so funny how we're all 8 hours apart.. {i can only think of two east coasters who visit this blog.. but those are rare anyway so y'all just dont count}

*sigh* schoolie tomorrow.


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Angad Singh said...

little one ji

8 is cause we are all linked together henna..

Anonymous said...


"8 is cause we are all linked together henna.."

lol, what thinking, wah


sorry that cracked me up lol.

ss said...

8!! Darn I'm up late again.


TeraRoop said...


cheer up.. you get more stuff done when you stay up late =D

i wish i was allowed to stay on the comp when i stay up.. i get so bored in my room trying to sleep =/

hope you're fast asleep by now

ummm angad singh ji.. i dont get it =(

Angad Singh said...

well..u see other than 0 the only other number that is continous is it looked at it like a link ..linking us all up..with whade phenji being at the centre and both of us being at the extreme ends...

oh well..i dunno if i am making sence...the work load is mad only had 12 hrs of sleep in the past 3 days...

anyways..have a blessed day!

TeraRoop said...

dhan dhan =)

but shouldnt ss veerji also be at the center? and then prabhu veerji {and i suppose we can manage to fit in iks veerji too, EC or no EC} is at my end, and there's a whole bunch of people..

ooooooh =D

very good veerji.. that's a really cool one =D

borrowing bhenji's words, i hope everyone has an inspired day !

Angad Singh said...

well need not really be in the center..they are ll some where on the loop i am sure =)

have a blessed day

TeraRoop said...


you gave me an ideaaaaaaaa yayayy

how's your studying gone?

Angad Singh said...

oh well studying...i just finished both my essays so m in slack mode..tmr gonna spend the day with my dilruba..=)

TeraRoop said...

yayay essays complete!

soo.. when do we get to hear this dilruba played?

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