Tuesday, August 15, 2006


yayay !!


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fatehhhh

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Singhstah said...

LOL, congatulations

and a big THANK YOU :D :D :D

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Angad Singh said...

yah all the formatting is in place..

akaal sahiee

i agree with yr comment on blogspot being more homely..wordpress u cant do much ..the only advantage i have is that i can sort my posts..

TeraRoop said...

thank you for what??

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Wahegru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguruuuuuu Waheguru! Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waaahhhegurrruuuuu Waheguruu Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru WaheguruWaheguruWaheguruu! Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru Waheguru Waheguruuuuu

ahhhhhh this is sooomuchhhfunnn =DDD



heheeee !!

yeah, wordpress really is pretty cool though =)

Singhstah said...



ravjeet singh said...

so wots next...

hmmm chocolate cake recipes maybe... hehe :P

Anonymous said...

wjkk wjkf

stop all this nonsense. you call yourself a khalsa yet look at the way you act. Liking boys, trying to "hook up" with them. Have you no Sharm? We are the KHALSA! we look and consider everyone other then our spouse as brothers and sisters. Even if we are not married, everyone is still a brother and sister but what do you do! you go around acting all into Sikhi, yet make boyfriends! Sharm maree motee aunee chaidee ya! Stop this fake routine, we all know who you really are from the inside! LIAR and a FAKE! Guru ji knows who you are from the inside, in the end what do you think will be your fate? Disappointed in you Japneet Kaur. Grow up and change. Don't be a hypocrite! If you call yourself a Sikh, ACT LIKE ONE! Pathetic. I've wasted 5 mintues of my life on you. Don't ask me why. Hope this has opened your eyes, I dont know what else will.

- daas

wjkk wjkf

TeraRoop said...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Despite the ease with which I could refute each and every single one of the baseless arguments you've written up in the comment that caused you to completely waste five minutes of your life on me, I am only interested in one thing: who are you to write these words off as the truth, to be so close or knowledgable to/of me to be able to say that I call myself a Khalsa when I am steadfast against the use of that to describe myself, that I 'go around acting all into Sikhi', and make boyfriends?

It might make you a bit more credible to show the courage to leave your actual name. If you've issues with me and my behavior, or my appearance, anything about me really, I suggest you take it up with me and hold a conversation with which you can 'open my eyes'.

I know I'm a paapi. No one needs to tell me that. But I do not try to act like something I'm not. As you can tell from this comment.

--the waste of life

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Anonymous said...


I don't need to say who i am. You should say who you are, i do not have the right to call you a paapi, only you can judge yourself. But actions speak louder then words, and what you've done to some very chardhikala Gursikhs is unbelievable. Make promises to kids, i dont even want to go on. I hope everyone realizes who the real you is. You've hurt many people by the way you act. Oh, and you can easily refute these arguments i have made, I dare you. And don't lie either, i will know. Daas does not have a name, as daas is no one. Daas wishes to remain attached to the Charn of Guru ji. Do not take what i say as harsh, but it is harsh... why? because it is the truth. As for talking to you, im sorry that would be a disgrace. I apologize for being harsh but i cannot believe what you've done to chardhikala Gursikhs by fake imitations, promises, etc. Only in the end will you know the wrong committed. HAHAHA, you make me laugh..... not! "I know I'm a paapi. No one needs to tell me that. But I do not try to act like something I'm not. As you can tell from this comment." Oh, id say different and so would other Gursikhs that you happen to 'know' very well. Think again jio, are you really speaking the truth as to you not being someone you're not? I bet you know how i feel, so im not gonna say anything. Just realize that there are poeple here to know the 'real' you. The Japneet you portray and the one on the inside are 2 different people. Anyways, im off. I've spent enough time here again.
Just remmeber, everyone can change and so can you. Change now and ask for forgiveness for what you've already done.

- daas


Anonymous said...

Good job, anonymous...

Every single word that you've said, is true.

vjkk vjkf

Angad Singh said...

daas ji and anon ji..

i think its completly un called for you to just come and attack a person without stating any fact of any sorts.

no where does it say you should not have a boy friend or girlfriend..tell me one place..as long as you do not have any sort of intimate relation with a person other than your spouse ( and if yr not married u better dont mess arnd) i think its perfectly clean.

you talk about being attached to the charan of guru sahib i wonder how come you took time of to come vist a blog of of paapi as such ..

a khalsa nvr conceled his or her identity they openly said who there were and what they will do ( when it came to attacking the moughals for the tryanny they did)..

khalsa nvr attacks from behind..u want to attack..feel free..come face to face..show me who you are..lets settle it in the khalsa way ..

since u dont reveal yr self i cant really say if your authoritry to decide whether "little one" is khalsa a not...can you even define khalsa..

you talk about your fellow gursikhs..do you know the defn. of gursikh..do you read asa di vaar and ever try to understand what it means..

like she says she is not perfect..remember..taking amrit does not make you perfect..taking amrit only means that you are working towards being khalsa..becomeing khalsa..is the ultimate aim..

really look at your self before you talk about others..and if you want to dont make statements without solid proof or evidence..yr lucky i stay in another part of the world else id have figured out you are and really given you a knocking of yr life.

Guru mhere Kare..

Angad Singh

Panthic Dardi said...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
I must say that I am very much impressed by where our Sikh is going nowadays. You ask me to tell you where it says that one may not have a boyfriend or girlfriend; I ask you where it DOES. Every day we attempt to become good Gursikhs and so we follow the examples set by Puratan Singhs and Singhnees—would they have had such relationships? Can you imagine any of our Guru Ji’s having girlfriends? No. Our Guru Sahibs lived their lives exactly how they wanted us to live ours. What is the point of having a boyfriend/girlfriend? Are such relationships not Manmukhi illusions? Guru Ji has directed us to live the life of a householder, to have a family, to earn an honest living; but he never told us to get into relationships that have no meaning. All Sikhs should look at another Sikh as a BROTHER or SISTER, unless you are married to them. Is it possible then to have a girlfriend and at the same time call her your sister? Is it possible to have a boyfriend then and call him your brother? Wake up my dear siblings! WAKE UP! If we begin to follow the western world, we will lose our beloved Sikhi. How can we become true Khalsay if we do not discard our Manmat? Remember, if we let ourselves relax our Rehat any further then we shall lose the grace of Guru Ji. I have probably hurt many feelings in these few minutes, for that I hope you shall forgive me. Now it is up to you to decide whether saving your Sikhi is important or not.

~Panthic Dardi

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Angad Singh said...

panthi dardi ji

waheguru ji ka khalsa
waheguru ji ki fateh

before i go on to state anything i would like to do define dating and boyfriend/girlfriend for me.

its interesting to note your point on the fact that the relation of boyfriend or gir friend is a manmukhi illusion..

also you add that guru sahib asked us not to be involved in any relation that has no meaning.

now my point to you is that arent all relations fleeting..i can quote you numerous places where it says clearly..salok melha 9 is constantly telling you that

aslo i believe you take dating or having a girlfriend as one you just fool around with. Remember not everyone looks at things from your view point

what if i am dead serious about marriage and i really just want to get to know the person better...remember back then parents decided whom you are gonna get married to you dont even see the person till after yr married..those days have gone..

so would you say getting to know some one is also wrong..and mate if you stick so hard and fast to your rule or brother and sister..how can you marry a sikh them !!cause according to you..before yr married u are sibblings..henna

remember when you look at the past especially in such aspects..culture plays a major role.

i knoe for a fact i would want to find a parter for myself i would not leave that upto my parents..guess you might be fortuanate enough to do that i am not.

to your points on relaxing the rehat..and losing face in front of guru ji..well all i have to say to you is just cause u decide to wear a kachera and bathe and i chose to take it off and bathe dont make me a lesser or a better sikh than you are.

and seriously i have a girlfriend or not..like you say i would fall from grace and not you..so why are u so bothered about waht i do ..should you not be sitting attached to the feet of the lord..i am really amazed at the time you have to come point finger at all the "mistakes" the rest of the world is making..god knows what makes u take some many breaks from being at the feet of the lord ..and look back at morakhs like us who know nothing we just act cool and sling kirpans across our selves..

before i conclude..i am suprised non e of my other points were attacked..and nor have u dared to be true enough to reveal yr name..

dont mess arnd with with the "little one"..keep in mind the saki of the little bhai bichitar singh

Guru Mehre Kare

Angad Singh!

rsingh said...

every all together now...

vahiguroo jee ka khalsaa vahiguroo jee kee fatehh

I dunno whats going on. We all make mistakes...

the only thing to do jaap naam. :)

naam japahu maerae saajan sainaa ||
So chant the Naam, O my friends and companions.

vahiguroo jee ka khalsaa vahiguroo jee kee fatehh

Angad Singh said...

rsingh ji..

naam jaap is not our only job as sikhs..

thats only part of it..

akaal sahee

rsingh said...

veer but with out naam a sikhi has nothing.

Angad Singh said...

i did not say naam is not an intergral part i said it not all about naam..naam is an integral part..our sewa our actions are also as important

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