Friday, July 14, 2006

Our Questions, Guru Sahib's Answers

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fatehh

Siri Bavan Akhri is a rare jewel that Gursikhs cannot part from. This is a delicious and nutritious spiritual food that Gursikhs eat every day. In this baani, there are answers to many of our commonly asked questions. Presented below are our some of our questions and Guru Sahib's answers.

1) How to be successful in this world and the next world?

rix drgih qau sIJih BweI]
jau gurmuiK rwm nwm ilv lweI]

Only then you my be successful in this battlefield (world) or in Dargah (next world), if you japp and get absorbed in Gurmukh-Naam i.e. the true Naam of Gurughar.

2) How to rid our mind of enmity and opposition?

vYr ivroD imty iqh mnqy]
hir kIrqnu gurmuiK jo sunqy]

Enmity and opposition gets washed away from their minds, who listen to Hari Kirtan, through the true Guru.

3) How will worldly wandering of the mind stop?

DDw Dwvq qau imtY sMq sMigho iebwsu]

Their wandering in doing the worldly tasks is stopped, who start residing in the company of devotees i.e. in Satsang.

4) How to not reside in Narak or how to not end up in Narak?


They never fall in Narak (hell); who have in their mind and body only Naam.

5) How to eliminate the fear of dreadful journey with jammdoots after death?

qRws imtY jm pMQ kI jwsu bsY min nwau]

The fear of JammPanth i.e. journey after death to Dharam Rai, when Naam resides in one's mind.


Received a great e-mail today - this, a post from Guruduara Sahib Tapoban's 'Phorum'. The article originally posted here has been reposted by the sender of the e-mail here.

A veechar of Pauree 38 of Sri Baavan Akhri can be found here, and I feel both of them are definitely worth a read.

And continuing in this vein of linking to great articles, learn How to Get Rid of Bikaars while you're at it =)

I definitely feel this is a major step on the path to my resuming a regular {ish} pattern of blogging - stealing other people's posts and articles!

I've got a load of Sri Baavan Akhri Kathhaa Veechaar on my computer, and will be uploading and posting the links to that soon.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

thank You for the daddy !

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Singhstah said...

"I definitely feel this is a major step on the path to my resuming a regular {ish} pattern of blogging - stealing other people's posts and articles!"

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