Friday, June 02, 2006

Remembrance March and Freedom Rally

Please attend if you can - no excuses!

9 Responses to “Remembrance March and Freedom Rally”

ss said...

Thank you.

UK Sikhs - please do your best to attend.

TeraRoop said...

that comment might have gone better on the 'public' blog {at least it's more public than this lol}

no thanks needed =)

hope you get loads and loads and loads of people there

ss said...

Erm - good point :-)

I'm slow like that :-)

TeraRoop said...

haha.. real time! =p

you're not slow.. we all have our moments =)

ss said...

lol and I should be working and then trying to get a few hrs sleep.

TeraRoop said...

maybe if you try for eight you'll get a few.. haha

ss said...

8 hours - wow that's be a luxury!

ss said...

actually 5 hrs would be good!

TeraRoop said...

hahah i know what you mean..

i wonder what it is? it cant be stress {i mean me}.. hmm.. Guru Ji, you're Awesome..


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