Friday, March 10, 2006


Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fatehh

It seems everything likes to be messy in TeraRoop's life, and I must say that after so long with nothing really to do or focus on, and feeling bored and useless - I
like it. It seems, however, my enthusiasm was a tad over-emphasized, which can occur on rare occasions. I am now overloaded.


The title is partly random, but otherwise completely relative. Everything is so jumbled up and chaotoc, much like those tumbleweeds rolling across animated deserts.

Now I've forgotten what I came here to say.. Ah yes, since I already have a post titled Bhai MaNi Singh Jee {I should listen to my intuition more often}, I'm just going to link to it in this post, seeing as how today is the date on which Maharaj sent this beloved Shaheed of our blood-stained and beautiful Sikh history into the world to inspire the future generations {which include us, and I feel as if some of us - myself definitely among the group - need reminding}, and stand as a testament to the glory of Sikhi.

Sheesh, what a run-on.

1644 - Dhan Dhan Bhai Mani Singh Jee, Mahaan Shaheed athae
Granthee Sri Harmandir Sahib.

It couldn't hurt to include the other things that occurred on this day, so here goes:
- Shaheedi Divas Bhai Methab Singh Jee athae Bhai Subaegh Singh Jee
- Sikhs of Lahore beheaded under proclamation of general massacre by
Lakhpat Rai

- The SGPC passes a resolution for the formation of a Sikh state

Another reminder to myself: must restart 'On This Day' blog.

The condition of my blog has been deteriorating steadily, and this is made all the more unfortunate by the fact that it had little quality to begin with. The only good part is the Shabads I post every once in a while. After this month, things will definitely pick up, and that is a promise I make to myself. Every effort will be made on my part to push this blog toward becoming what it was originally made to be. I feel the need to.. make things more concrete, I suppose you could say, so I will blog about them.

So what's coming up? Complete the remainder of work that some schoolmates have sent me today. Saturday and Sunday will be spent cleaning the house thoroughly. Monday-Wednesday will be spent alternation between school and home, and the completion of schoolwork, along with outlining a plan for Wednesday evening's Youth Sikh Discussion. We will also be recording the Dastaar How-To video project for the Khalsa School Senior Level Vaisakhi assignment, and although I stopped going years ago, and stopped teaching as well, a friend asked if I could bring the camera and do the recording. It took ages to convince her to make someone else the model. Best friends, eh? Afterschool and before Guruduaara Saahib, TeraRoop will be getting nice and comfy in a dentist's chair, with two to three separate dentist's utensils stuck in her mouth removing a not so comfy dental appliance. As uncomfortable as the procedure will be, I can't say I'm not glad to be rid of the hinderance. Of course, somewhere throughout the course of all this, I have to get my homework done.. that should be interesting.

I forgot about Thursday and Friday hehe silly me. Relatively normal days, alternating between school and home once again.. hopefully I won't get too many new assignments Friday.

Saturday: Bhenjee's Anand Kaaraj =) Which is why we are having such a thorough house cleaning. A busload of people is coming down from Vancouver, and they're going to need someplace to stay before the Anand Kaaraj, between the Anand Kaaraj and the Raensabai, and perhaps after the Raensabai, as well. Papa Jee may have to go and pick up some of the Sangat from the airport as well, but I can't accompany him due to two major reasons,

WHOA two major things just occurred simultaneously. *TeraRoop in shock horror*

a) I won't have any other time over the weekend to do my homework except Sunday afternoon which is a bad time, because it causes dear Mummy Jee to stress out horribly, and b) there probably won't be enough space.

So I just discovered that I accidentally sent a link to my blog to one of my favorite Uncle Jees.. and I also found out that someone we both know told him that I spend a lot of time on the internet. This led me to do some thinking, and I'm happy to say I've actually cut down quite a bit - don't visit half as many places as I used to - but it's also kind of sad, because that shows me how much time I used to waste. Now whatever time is spent online is spent with a purpose {well, most of it =P}, and a directed focus of attention.

I also found out something else. It has to do with something I had completely forgotten about. It's actually.. well I suppose you can say it's great news. But it also carries along with it a considerable amount of weight - some more heavy thinking for TeraRoop to do. There is so much to be accomplished in such little time.

Just what I needed.

Well, enough rambling. I'm off to post another Shabad =)

Kudos to anyone who made it this far! Leave a comment - I'm in a very comment answering, friend-making mood today.

Oh, before I forget - a note to the anonymous Jee who's left some comments concerning my use of the Gurmukhi Unicode, I read the help page you left a link to {thank you!} but how can I know when I'm doing it right/wrong, if I see it differently from everyone else?

Have fun in TO, Big Head Veerjee. :-)

oh oh also -

random-ness-icity ^_^

I'm outt.

bhull chuk maaf karan di kripaalta baksho, Maharaj..!
Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fatehh

11 Responses to “Tumbleweed”

Raminder Kaur said...

Ha ha, love the post bhan ji.

I am SO envious of you who is so blessed to get to attend this Anand Karaj. It sounds like you will be in the company of Chardi Kala Gursikhs this weekend. Yea. I'm jealous, I'm not even going to lie :)

Good luck with getting everything done!

ss said...

"Have fun in TO, Big Head Veerjee. :-)"

:-)) just going to explore the waterfront - will be avoiding the CNN tower :-)

TeraRoop said...

Bhenjee, there are so many chances to be in the Sangat of Chardeekalaa Gursikhs.. I'm sure you will receive your oppurtunity soon ^_^. We are all so blessed, yet we count the blessings of others.. Waheguru Jee bless us that we may thank You for everything You have given 'me'. =)

hahahahah Veerjee, I can't say I understood that one completely, but I'm sure it has something to do with a particular comment on your blog..

Singhstah said...

Wow, busy week man

wjkk, jealous too!!! how cum we dont get to have gursikhs stay at OUR house???????....(oh yea......forgot tht our house is like a junk yard rite now.....still hav stuff from the store in bakyard and fair!......oh least i get to see u on the 18th!!!! yippieeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! hoooooorraaaaayy!!!!!!!!! :-D im all smiles........cant wait.......

hehe......ur in a frend making mood eh? lol......arent u always u bhenji.........cant wait to c u agen and giv u a huge hug....stay in charhdikala bhenaa....


TeraRoop said...

haha Bhenjee.. we don't even know any of the people who are coming.. this'll be a first for us, and it's pretty much due to geographical convenience lol. ah I'm happy that I'll see you there, it really has been a while.

Only a week away!

Two more 'events' added to the schedule - this is becoming highly interesting. hahahahaha

Otpreka Singh said...

whos getting married

TeraRoop said...

Simran Kaur Bhenjee - Bhai Saahib Bhai Manmohan Singh Jee's daughter.

satvinder said...

Great title, teraroop!

yey! I made it to the end of your post and I have to say I don't think there's anything wrong with your blog at all.

keep writing, but do your homework first... Oh and go to bed on time (",)

ss said...

yeah - what Sat bhenji said :-)

TeraRoop said...

Homework is being done, and until more homework started getting done {meaning I started getting more, not that I didn't do the homework I got before - which is what mum thinks happened, because all of a sudden for four days or so, it only took me a couple of hours to get my homework done} I was going to bed on time. Now I'm going t bed late getting my homework done, but still getting the same amount of sleep.

Oh but shh don't tell mum homework's taking me this long - she doesn't know I'm working on it at 1:00!

Yay! You made it to the end of my post!

oh! I want a tumbleweed for my birthday =). Add that to the list with the cloud and the moon.


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