Sunday, March 05, 2006

"Diary of a [silly] not quite insomniac who's going to have a great day regardless! :-)"

omg my blog died..



omg nvm i saved it. =D


omg nvm the banner's still dead. ='(


omg its really really dead.. not just the banner. im going to have to go back and re-do nearly everything.. and i dont even know how i did half of what i did.. over half!

and im still sitting here smiling. today was just another lovely beautiful wonderful, wonderful day.. there are always things that bring my great days down.. i will be immensely happy throughout most of the day.. and something will happen right before i'm supposed to go to bed or something, and kill it all, and turn it into a day to be remembered as bad. or horrible. or worse.

but this is the second day that i can think of in recent times, where i've had a lovely day, and stupid things have happened, and i will even become unhappy for a bit of time.. but i still end the day on a high note, smiling, singing,
something.. or go to sleep just a bit sad, but wake up the next morning thinking whattt a greattt day yesterday was

im just randomly rambling.. those words go well with each other, but also sound much too similar.. this post will probably be deleted soon.. but mmm my pooooor bloggieee.. i wonder when i'll ever get around to fixing it.. hahaha im glad i found a site to help me with html and stuff..

and im going to make someone else help me too - glad they offered their help, lol..

=D total rambling.. i dont even know what im saying, im looking toward the tv that someone left on, and some nerdy looking guy is holding a gun toward a confident but already injured man with a shaking hand.. and the cops just busted in and saved him.. and he breaks down.. but the nerd guy has lost it

"I am one, and who am I?"

i think im watching csi.

man LA smagam kirtan is pretty amazing.. too bad for me i never realize the worth of something the first time around

sheesh i was about to sleep at 8 and now im going to bed at my normal time.. but u know what i think i'll get 6 hours or so.. if i sleep in which i think i will.. got six yesterday.. just so tireddd.. but its a good thing.. if it lasts more than two days longer though im going to start worrying

haha im such a silliehead :)

what should i name this post??

night waheguru jee kaa khaalsa waheguru jee kee fateh

18 Responses to “"Diary of a [silly] not quite insomniac who's going to have a great day regardless! :-)"”

ss said...

"what should i name this post?"

Diary of a not quite insomniac who's going to have a great day regardless! :-)

Gurvinderpal said...

awww all happens in hukam... it'll be ok...

TeraRoop said...

okay for some reason, every time i try to edit a post, or create one, or anything else that requires republishing of the blog.. it takes me to a page that says blog not found.. if this blog dies like my first one, i will be quite sad for some time {probably a shorter amount of time this time around} and not start another blog again.

hmm.. what to do, what to do?

need an expert here!

Anonymous said...

nooo..not again

TeraRoop said...

who's that? someone who followe my old blog by any chance? but i doubt that.. unless its pamma jee =)

Gurvinderpal said...

hmm i'd recommend clearing the history of your browswer, or just download a whole new broswer, perhaps mozilla or ie beta, dunno its ur call...

hope all is well, and well next time just copy the entry and paste it in Word, so that you won't loose it =)

fateh JiO

ss said...

Excellent title - where did you get that :-)

Hope all is good.

TeraRoop said...

haha it was u wasnt it.. silly jee =P

actually veerjee its not a problem with the browser.. something is wrong iwth the blog itself.. and its okay if i lost an entry, it's God's way of saying 'TeraRoop, you shouldn't post that.' =)

hmm i stole it from this one brainiac that left a random comment on my blog telling me what to title it.. its is quite excellent if i do say so myself.

wonderful here veerjee.. tusi sunao. tyaariaan toronto leyi?

ss said...

Buss teek hai. As for tyaariaan - not really. I am mister :-)

I better try and sort that tmmr I guess. And make sure I pack my camera!!

Time to make a list - hai!

Stay in chardikaala.

TeraRoop said...

hahaha i doubt u could ever forget ur camera veerjee.. have fun! best of luck with everything jeeo


hehe....bless ur cuteness sis

TeraRoop said...

hehehe.. me? cute?

naa.. u nd baltej are much cuter lol

lol.......baltej may :-P

TeraRoop said...

haha yes you are

dont make me start asking people =P

hahaha.........i wish........but im not....even if u do ask ppl they'll agree wid me :-P

TeraRoop said...


they'll agree with me =D

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