Monday, March 20, 2006


Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fatehh

I just wanted to write a post on the topic that takes over my mind for at least a few days every year.

Like many other things, I outgrew the excitement of cakes and clowns, balloons, presents and parties, pinatas, etc. earlier than most kids do. Perhaps the only reason I made such a big deal out of birthdays and celebrations until the age I did is because of the way I was raised. My family would make a big deal out of every birthday, which isn't exactly strange, I suppose. We weren't exactly religious until I was about 7 years old, when my brother and I forced our parents to let us receive Amrit. They didn't think it was possible for us to be Amritdhaari without them being Amritdhaari as well, so we basically forced them to receive Amrit. hahaha.. being as young, naive, and easily overexcited as we were, we didn't realize what exactly receiving the gift of Amrit would entail.

It's taken me many years since to gain any true, personal spirituality, not the stuff kids are brainwashed into believing. So, spending an amazing amount of time thinking about things that I shouldn't waste so much time thinking about, I've come up with a reason for not wanting to celebrate my birthdays. Just as my desire to do nothing but visit Guruduaara Saahib the day of didn't go over so well with my family, my reasoning made a number of people unhappy anyway.

The most obvious reason of all is because it's just another form of maaia. What's the point in wasting money on things like cakes on which your name is written and will be chopped up and consumed, or balloons which serve no use except to cause your voice to sound hilarious when the gas in them is inhaled {sadly, I've only done this once to date. Highly enjoyable, but I wouldn't recommend it - it can't be any good for you}, gifts that mean nothing, but will only clutter up your house as it just isn't right to gift away something someone gave you. It's a waste of money and energy, and it only leads to further attachment to pointless material objects.

Second.. well, if we wonder for a moment, and just look deeper.. if we question what we are celebrating, do you realize what we find? We celebrate the day Waheguru Jee sent us away from Him! Every year is another year without Him.. and we celebrate, and throw parties, and do anything but remember the Creator without whom there would be no such day for anyone - in fact, there wouldn't be anyone. As another birthday passes, I look back and sadly think another year wasted.. another year lost. What are we really doing here? Birthdays should be like milestones, a date on which we can look back and think I've gotten this much closer to Guru Jee.. this mush closer to God!

There isn't going to be anything very logical in this post. I mean, I hope for the day when it doesn't matter whether someone celebrates my birthday or not. To be honest, I take advantage of others' birthdays to try and put a smile on their faces.. but when it comes to my own, it is quite annoying to have people make such a big deal out of something..

Yeah, again - not very logical. It's a two-minute post.. I need sleep =)

bhull chuk maaf jeeeoooo
Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fatehh

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BHENJI!!!!! MAY GURU JI SHOWER YOU WITH MORE OF HIS KIRPA *muah* love u bhenaa......and sorry for being late........i KNEW it was in march.....but i didn't know WHEN in march :(.........but BE HAPPY FOREVER AND KEEP SHINING LIKE THE WONDERFUL STAR YOU ARE :-D

ss said...

Ah - wish I'd know. But as I do now ...


HARBAIL said...

wahe guru ji ka khalsa
wahe guru ji ki fateh....

HARBAIL said...

belated happy birthday

satvinder said...

hey where'd my happy birthday comment go?

Oh can't write that essay out again but henyways Happy birthday. I respect your message teardrop but it's ok to be happy and we can celebrate by thanking Waheguru for gifting you with life in order to carry out His work (",)

Lotsa smiley fuzzy hugs (",)

Singhstah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN, it might not be a day for you to celebrate, but it is for us, because its the day vaheguroo ji sent a gursikh to us ;D

ss said...

Yeap what Singhstah says - spot on!

rsingh said...

gurasikhaa(n) kee har dhhoorr dhaehi ham paapee bhee gath paa(n)hi ||

even if im late Happpy Birthday. May Guroo Sahib bless you with naam and a chardi kala Gursikhi Jeevan.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday jiyoo..

TeraRoop said...

thank you jeeo =)

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