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Islam-Sikhism - My Interaction

Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh


Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh

Pardon me, but I was wondering why this site is called 'The Islam-Sikhism Interfaith Site', when all that is provided is information on Islam? It seems as though this site is a call out to your Sikh brethren to correct the spread of misinformation, or to convert. However, I see nothing related to Sikhs on the site itself.

If you would care to explain, I'd be grateful.

May our ever loving Father bless you always.

bhull chuk maaf
Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh


Thank you for your comments.
We pray that the contents of this website highlights the truth of Islaam for you to consider.

If you have read the articles, you will find that much of it is in fact addressing the credal mistakes found in Sikhism under the spotlight of Islaam.
For example, the article entitled: The Absurdities of Reincarnation-Transmigration, you will find a thorough examination of the inevitable absurdities and contradictions that arise when critically examined.
You will further notice that the article entitled: Religious Pluralism, is a refutation of this untenable and contradictory, yet popular modern-age notion.
Hence, it is not just about Islaam; rather, it seeks to open a dialogue between Islaam and Sikhism by asking probing questions that stem from mutually-exclusive world views in order to discover the truth.

As Muslims we do not describe Allaah as father or mother, therefore, we ask that Allaah guide your heart towards the Truth of Islaam



Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh

So I was correct in thinking that this site was created to not only to attempt to disprove fundamental Sikh concepts and beliefs, but also to attempt to show Sikhs what you believe is the truth.

Many thanks for your response, and your straightforwardness. Too many people try to cloak their actions these days, in an attempt at diplomacy.

I hope you did not take any offense at my request of our Father to bless you, but this is my belief. We our entitled to our own beliefs, to the extent of my knowledge. My faith is strong in my Waheguru, who is my Father. I must say, I pray that I find the Truth in my Father, and that He not answer your request of guiding me towards your faith - I would die without my Guru Jee.

bhull chuk maaf
Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh


We are here to speak plainly and not sugar coat matters insha'Allaah.
We know that our calling Sikhs will cause some to fume, others hurt; however, we sincerely believe that God only intended one religion for mankind, which must be consistent since truth itself is consistent.
This life, I'm sure you'll agree, is a test and as such, we must pass this test. It's failure is dependent upon how we worship Him and how we perceive Him. All else stems from this recognition.
We say that God must be worshipped as He has ordered us to worship Him and just as importantly, which many Sikhs fail to realise or readily dismiss, who God is.
Is he everywhere like Sikhs and Hindus believe, or is He separate and distinct, above His creation?
This is an important question since worship is established in recognising where our Creator is?
Essentially one of us has accepted a lie. We need to realise whether our concept of God is true. In this is an indication of us realising whether we are upon the singular path to truth.
We hope you've read the article on Nirgun-Sargun:

And we ask you to put aside blind prejudice and life long bias and look to this affair with an open mind, being critical and objective.

We believe the Nirgun-Sargun concept is without doubt contradictory, thus, a mistake. We do not believe God sends down irrational concepts or makes mistakes.
Surely Allaah is al-Haqq (the Truth).
We would appreciate it if you give us your feedback on the above article answering the questions we have posed.

Indeed, blind following of one's forefathers is a huge obstacle in people accepting the clear and emphatic truth from Allaah.
In the Qur'an Allaah tells us:

"When it is said to them (non-Muslims): 'Follow what has been revealed down to you from your Lord.' They say: 'Nay! We will follow what our forefathers were upon.' (What!) Even though their forefathers had no knowledge in anything nor were they guided (through revelation)." (Qur'an 2:170)

We ask that you consider our words carefully for if paradise and hell-fire are haqq, then there is no reincarnation and no second chances.
All it takes is for you to spend a week out of the rest of your life just dedicating a study session for Islam; reading the Qur'an, reading a good authentic biography of the Prophet's life (google search: ar-Raheeq al-Makhtum), and asking questions when you don't understand something.

Allaah yahdeek (May Allaah guide you)

I was just off to reply to this last e-mail, but now I realize I have to get to school !!

Quick note - it is obvious that they are attempting to convert me. It's not just life-long bias that leads me to shun Islaam as an option for me, as I've only recently actually learned anything of Sikhi. It is simply my love for Guru Jee, and my little faith in Him and His Greatness that allows me to at least attempt to be a Sikh.

I will not waver.


Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fatehhhhhh !!!!!!!

14 Responses to “Islam-Sikhism - My Interaction”

satvinder said...

Why dignify this with a response?

More important things to do teraroop.

Bha-ee paraapat maanukh dehuriaa
Gobind millan kee eh teri bariaa.

"Avar kaaj tere kitay naa kaam
mil saadh sangat bhaj keval naam."

satvinder said...

Just to give reason to my above comment. My belief is that this site is propaganda or theological debate at best. It doesn't prove or disprove anything.

Bhul Chuck Maaf

ss said...

Please don't waste you time with this site, they have prepared responses and will act in parrot manner. They probably have nothing better to do and are happy to waste as much of your time (and others) as they can.

If you do want to email them again, then seeing as they believe that they can go around posting their site on everyone else's ask them to put

up on theirs. Prominently.

And leave it at that. It's because this tactic of theirs is not new that the latter site exists.

I know you will not waver and that you roar am we need more like you, but save your energy on this one; use some of it to educate our own where possible.

We've seen these cowards before in various guises, re: on my blog when I talk about how they were going to have a conversion event in London's Trafalgar Sq, Sikhs turned up on mass and they didnt even appear du to our challenge. In that instance it was essential to make an appearance and to oppose them.

In this instance you will waste hours and hours of time going round in circles with them.

Just my advice. Feel free to ignore me :-)

satvinder said...

SS Veer ji,

How come you always manage to say things in such a... such a "well thought out" manner?!! When I say things they come out in a scarecrow scatterbrain fashion.. plurrrgh. :oP

Novtej said...

yeah i agree with the above that these people have a database of what to say and how to say things...but i suppose if youre feeling in an argumentative mood its okay:p

ss said...

Erm ... did you see the numerous typos in mine :-)

I think you said just fine, my was just a bit more long winded - rather like me!

ss said...

And I even managed to make mistakes in my last short comment.

It should have been:

"I think what you said was just fine, my comment was essentially the same, just a bit more long winded; rather like me!"

Better not be any typos in this or else...

TeraRoop said...

err actually.. I was only going to say to them that I do not hold anything against Islam, nor do I have a life-long bias against Muslims, but I have Muslim friends who have attempted to explain the faith to me, and from what I have learned, I am positive I prefer my own faith.

I mean.. it's common courtesy to respond. If it was someone you knew very well, and you got into a sort of a discussion/debate with them, would you just leave them hanging where my correspondence with this person/group of people left off?

I've wasted plenty of time on similar people, back in my Faujan days. I am not planning on trying to get anything out of them. Papa Jee and I have discussed this extensively over the years, and this morning we talked about what our counter-action will be, and hopefully.. if all is planned well.. our counter-action will take place, and be strong. Very strong. As always, there are many, many obstacles, but I have faith that we can work together and do this/, and even if it doesn't happen.. I'll only grow stronger through the disappointment, figure out what I did wrong, and be more experienced for the future.

haha and you though I was really going to fight with them.

My silly silly Bhenjee and Veerjees =P

Lets use this as an oppurtunity to self-explore and get to know our Guru.

Let's empower ourselves with Gurbani!

Let's be inspire by our Great History!

Let's be thankful that we are born Sikhs and Guru jee has offered us the easiest and simplest way to Enlightenment at the same time keep dignity and grace and respect others who have different believes.

At the end of day everyone is aiming at same Goal (more or else) - that common goal is God. Well for some the goal may be Heaven or greed for paradise. But any spiritual or Godly person, from any religion, the Ultimate goal is union with God.

In Islam immersing onself in God is called "FANAA" (this is usually propagated in Sufi thought, who believe God is everywhere and in every person. However this believe is frowned upon by mainstream Islam who believe God resides in the Seventh Heaven).

In Sikhi we call this union, being "LEEN" (absorbed in God).

Only difference is that some paths take longer than others (because people get caught up in blind ritualism, forget Naam Japnaa and become Egotistical thinking they are supreme etc... hindering their progress on the spiritual path).

Lets be thankful that we have the universal and simple religion of NAAM (Naam Japna) DAAN (Sewa) ISHNAAN (Internal and external purity - i.e. keeping Rehat).

Thank you Waheguru that we are born Sikhs :)

TeraRoop said...

mm thank Waheguru indeed..

Gurvinderpal said...

aww yeah i find it that when GUru JI really tests their sikhs.... Guru Ji wants to see how Thy's SIkhs really are hehe. stay stong my dear KhalsaDiFaujan =)

Preet said...

I too couldn't help but send an email to them (albeit in rage rather than clear thinking!) What I got back was a very familliar and typical response - "my religion is better than yours! convert now blah blah bl...!"

Like Manvir Paaji has said - thank Waheguru that we are born Sikh! :o)

TeraRoop said...

Definitely.. my blessed Guru can have His way with me, because all the 'pain' is worth having Him as my Father..

satvinder said...

"Definitely.. my blessed Guru can have His way with me, because all the 'pain' is worth having Him as my Father.. "

Je(h) sukh de(h) taa(n) tujhe(h) araadhee, dukh bhee tujhe(h) hee dhiaayee.

Waheguru. You keep on reminding me of my purpose little one.

Lots of warm hugs to you (",)

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