Monday, January 23, 2006

Ehi Benanthee

Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh

'Ehi Benanthee SuN Prabh Maerae' - Bibi Ravinder Kaur Jee, Saturday Night Raensabaaee, August 2005, California International Smagam.

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Soohee on Ang 742

sUhI mhlw 5 ]
Soohee Mehalaa 5 ||
Soohee, Fifth Mehl:
drsnu dyiK jIvw gur qyrw ]
Dharasan(u) Dhaekh(i) Jeevaa Gur Thaeraa ||
Gazing upon the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, I live.
pUrn krmu hoie pRB myrw ]1]
Pooran Karam Hoe Prabh Maeraa ||1||
My karma is perfect, O my God. ||1||
ieh bynµqI suix pRB myry ]
Eih Baena(n)thee SuN(i) Prabh Maerae ||
Please, listen to this prayer, O my God.
dyih nwmu kir Apxy cyry ]1] rhwau ]
Dhaeh(i) Naam(u) Kar(i) ApNae Chaerae ||1|| rehaao ||
Please bless me with Your Name, and make me Your chaylaa, Your disciple. ||1||Pause||
ApxI srix rwKu pRB dwqy ]
ApNee SaraN(i) Raakh(u) Prabh Dhaathae ||
Please keep me under Your Protection, O God, O Great Giver.
gur pRswid iknY ivrlY jwqy ]2]
Gur Prasaadh(i) Kinai Virlai Jaathae ||2||
By Guru's Grace, a few people understand this. ||2||
sunhu ibnau pRB myry mIqw ]
Sunhu Binou Prabh Maerae Meethaa ||
Please hear my prayer, O God, my Friend.
crx kml vsih myrY cIqw ]3]
CharaN Kamal Vasehi Maerai Cheethaa ||3||
May Your Lotus Feet abide within my consciousness. ||3||
nwnku eyk krY Ardwis ]
Naanak Eaek Karai Ardhaas(i) ||
Nanak makes one prayer:
ivsru nwhI pUrn guxqwis ]4]18]24]
Visar(u) Naahee Pooran GuNthaas(i) ||4||18||24||
may I never forget You, O perfect treasure of virtue. ||4||18||24||

All of the recordings from that night can be found here.

Waheguru Jee Maharaj.. ehi hai benanthee Maharaj.. pyaarae maharaj

waheguru jee kaa khaalsa waheguru jee kee fatehh


Note: Final in series 'Rakhiaa de Shabad' will be up soon - something in the post must be edited to be made accurate, but I must acquire that tidbit of information, first. Maaf karnaa, it's been so long since the rest of the series was posted.

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Teraroop11, I came across your blog through a link on someone else's blog.I saw that one of your. featured links is the sikh sakhian forum on I was just wonderin if u knew where the user akalpurkhdifauj hs gone?its just that i used to pm that user and ask them qs abt sikhi and stuff, and now they dont reply. :(

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Ehi benanthee sun prab mere
deh naam kar apanaay chere.


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Bhenjee, I will do my best to look into Veerjee's absence. He is sorely missed by many, and I am sure there are others out there waiting for him to come back. Perhaps he just hasn't logged in for a while.


Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh

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Jaap waheguru

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