Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rakhiaa de Shabad

Vaahiguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa! Vaahiguroo Jee Kee Fateh!

Baanee of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj
Raag Sorath
Ang 626

Sorat(h) Mehalaa 5 ||
Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:

Gur Kaa Sabadh Rakhavaarae ||
The Word of the Guru's Shabad is my Saving Grace.

Choukee Chougiradh Hamaarae ||
It is a guardian posted on all four sides around me.

Raam Naam Man Laagaa ||
My mind is attached to the Lord's Name.

Jam Lajaae Kar Bhaagaa ||1||
The Messenger of Death has run away in shame. ||1||

Prabh Jee Thoo Maero Sukhadhaathaa ||
O Dear Lord, You are my Giver of peace.

Ba(n)dhhan Kaatt Karae Man Niramal Pooran Purakh Bidhhaathaa || Rahaao ||
The Perfect Lord, the Architect of Destiny, has shattered my bonds, and made my mind immaculately pure. ||Pause||

Naanak Prabh Abinaasee ||
O Nanak, God is eternal and imperishable.

Thaa Kee Saev N Birathhee Jaasee ||
Service to Him shall never go unrewarded.

Anadh Karehi Thaerae Dhaasaa ||
Your slaves are in bliss;

Jap Pooran Hoee Aasaa ||2||4||68||
chanting and meditating, their desires are fulfilled. ||2||4||68||

Another lovely reminder from Aman Veerji.

To be continued.

Kirpaaakeeejaaii Maharajjj.. bhull chuk maaf karan di kirpaalta bakshni Thakur.. Gurrooo

Vaahiguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa Vaahiguroo Jee Kee Fateh

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Avi said...

lost lost lost
i never knew i had one of these things tooo.....

helloooo =]]]

TeraRoop said...

hahaha heyy.. my prof?

this is like my... 34539454th blog or something.

but the thing you're lost about is the first in a series of Shabads that you read at night, before you sleep.. rakhiaa=protection..

there'll be more details later, =P

Avi said...

yup that just made me more confused.

ok im good im just gonna write about random stuff in lyfe.
who else has this thing?

TeraRoop said...

quite a few people used to have this thing hahaha.. gagan had two shared ones, he shared one with bhajneet, iqbal,and sandeep veerjis, and the other one with just iqbal veerji.. i dont think i know of anyone else who we both know who has one..

and hahaha if u came through the link in my prof, i didnt actually mean this was about my life.. i meant it IS my life.. just to support gagans theory that im a blog.. ahem.

: )

Naam Vairaag said...

Dhan Guroo Nanak Mahraj Di Jot Dhan Panchum Patsha Sri GUroo Arjan Dev jee VahiGuroo.

Guroo Mahraj sabh nu naam dhan den. :)

Avi said...

hahhahahhaha wow...

and yes of course i COPYrighted it =P

private schools own. 8D

hmmmm i had to make one of these for a gay class and it was about kangaroos... so weird. i wonder wut happened to it.. lol =]]]]

life is so confusing. i think i need to make a trip to toronto.

Avi said...

ewww i found it

ahahhahaha we had to do it for computer workshop. freakin retarded teacher. yeah okay =]]]

aman said...

i was forced to make an accoutn when i was the xeno sikhs team .. but i forgot my id and pass

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