Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Blog

Vaahiguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa! Vaahiguroo Jee Kee Fateh!

Considering all the Shabads that seem to catch my attention these days, rather than randomly post them on this blog {which I kind of liked, and may continue to do.. a Shabad pop on here randomly once in a while}, I will devote a separate blog to it. So whenever I feel the need to share certain BaaNee.. it will go there.

I'm still considering it - I'm not sure how much time I will even be able to devote to this blog {which hasn't been much, anyway}, seeing as how so many things are cropping up in the near future. But that just may be the thing to keep me going.. every once in a while, when I've a spare moment, post a Shabad. It takes a lot less time than writing up a murakh post, anyway.

OK well.. Raensabaaee's going for a couple of more hours - well, an hour and fifteen minutes. Rakhiaa de Shabad - III will come later on today..

: )

Kirpaa karke bhull chuk maaf karnee Maharaj

Vaahiguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa! Vaahiguroo Jee Kee Fateh!

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rsingh said...

hmmm im thinking of doing same, one for shabads and one for audio keertan.

Yeh i think good Idea have a massive link at top for
"the One The Only TeraRoop11" Blog and your gurbani blog.... wooohhoooo yaaaayy
hehe :) Happy New Year .. Vahiguroo

TeraRoop said...

Tuhaanu vi, Maharajjjjjjjjj Jeeeooooo, Guroo Jee Maharaj di Kirpaaa is sooo amazing only Ardaas is that everything he's given us in the past, 'dukh', 'sukh', everything, He continue to give us.. oh Gurooooo

nd like.. on the way home about 15 minutes ago.. I was thinking, I don't have such a desire to blog as I did before.. I don't think I shall continue.. we will see.

But I have to go away again for a while.. starting Tuesday.. don't know when I'll be back..

: )

ss said...


Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

And happy new year.

I could write about "sukh, dukh" for ever; but at the end of the day one learns to accept what Waheguru gives. It's all in his hukam but that's not to say that it can't be tough at times, as it is.

If you can, I for one would love to see you continue blogging as your blog (or potential 2 blogs now) is easily one of the most informative ones out there; so if you need encouragement then consider yourself encouraged ;-)

Take it easy.

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

rsingh said...

hawwww u cant stop now... what will I do?..
nooooooo come backkkkkkkk.... dont leave..

as my mates say...
"sangat di benti," me and ss, u cant deny sangat's benti.
naaa naaaa you gotta keep blogging :)

come on phenjeeee im same at momment im just gone post shabads after exams Ill be back with my stuff :). your blog is awesome.

TeraRoop said...


OK will do.

{doesn't mean imana like it :p}

As for dukh and sukh, Veerji - they are one and the same. It is our murakh minds that take them to be something else.. they are wonderful gifts from Vaahiguroo Jee..

If it is an occasion to celebrate, then Happy New Year to all..

ss said...

The sangat has spoken and got a result :-)

Yikes - I used a standard smiley this time; just for you.

"If it is an occasion to celebrate, then Happy New Year to all.."

Funny you should say that - my comment to someone last night as we were leaving the Gurdwara when he said "numi sall di vadihyan" was "new year, old year, what the difference".

I tend not to get too carried away with the passing of the old and the starting of the new - I accept what I am given. I've kind of had to :-)

But then again I am the biggest moorakh ever born.

sikhlionz said...

Happy New Year Bhenji- may Waheguru bring you a step closer to Him with each day that passes. Keep blogging as we need to keep our blog fauj strong so we can't afford to lose joooooo :-)

TeraRoop said...

Veerjee, I HATE the smilies that incorporate hyphens into their being. lol, don't do it for me, ; )

Well.. at my avastha, I see it as a miserable thing that another year has passed.. I look back and think another year wasted. For the past week and a half or so, one Shabad has popped randomly into my mind, again and again, and again..:

Barahi Baras Baalpann Beetae, Bees Baras Kichh Thapp Na Keeo - Thees Baras Kichh Dev Na Poojaa, Phir Pachhutaana Birdh Bheyo!

Guroo Jee says: The first twelve years were spent in childhood, and even at the age of twelve, you have done no thappassiaa. At thirty years, you have worshipped no God, then there is only regret to suffer!

{My translations are horrible, I'm slow after having had butter and cheese} I originally heard this Shabad earlier this year.. when it seemed Guroo Jee was re-introducing me to His lovely Sikhi..

Think about it, what have we done? What could we possibly have accomplished, that we celebrate the completion of one human-made year, and the start of another one? We get so emotional {yes, I am guilty of this one.. last year, at least} and happy about the passing of another twelve months, I don't understand, what's so special about it? A year could even have been 24 months, or 48, or even 5 - we created this system of a new year, and celebrate it as if we've a lack of nights to go to the Gurooduaaraa Saahib and ask for more maaiaa, or go to clubs and party til the ball drops, and no one realizes because we're all so drunk, or too busy indulging ourselves in kaam, and don't realize until January 3rd that 2005 has come to its inevitable close.

We are fools to rejoice in the passing of even a second let alone an entire year, which we have wasted in maaiaa, in duality - we should beg of Guroo Jee that another year not pass like the last, where we've done no kamaaee, nothing.

However.. I cannot help but rejoice.. and revel in the glory of my forever beautiful Guroo Saahib Jee Maharaj.. and be glad, and be thankful that He has blessed me with so much over this past year, as well as the 14 before that one, and the countless ones before those that He has blessed everyone soooo much, is beyind my understanding, what has not my Guroo Jee done for me? Why should I be so sad?

So you see, Jeeo.. I face a dilemma.. and I suppose, to keep it simple..

Happy New Year to you too, sikhlionz Veerjee. May Vaahiguroo Jee Maharaj forever bless His children with His beautiful Naam, and shed His glorious light upon all.. may He dwell each second within your heart, and your mind, my brothers and sisters..

I am a fool. A fool, Maharaj, a fool.

bhull chuk maaf karnee Maharaj..

Vaahiguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa Vaahiguroo Jee Kee Fateh

Naam Vairaag said...

Vahiguroo jee ka khalsa vahiguroo jee kee fateh

meri penjee Guroo sahib has done so much kirpa on you its unbelivable. GUroo SAhib is wonderfull.
He loves you so much and you love him. we often forget him and Guroo sahib gives us ittle hints which put us back on the path. Always always remain in chardi kala even in the face of dukh, guroo meri sang sadha ha naalai simar simar sadha samalai.

Meri pyarai penjee your karam in past have given you this life. You do amazing seva via this blog and inspire one and all. Keep on the paat of sikhi. Dont be sad when guroo sahib send you a message take note and move with it in you heart.

I do ardaas Guroo Sahib blesses you forever and keeps you in his charanblessing you with naam jaap 24 - 7. Keep doing seva and simran, remember Guroo Nanak Sahibs 3 rules, Naam, Dhaan, Ishnaan, you will never go wrong.

Dhan Guroo Pyarai, pull chuck maff.

Vahiguroo jee ka khalsa vahiguroo jee kee fateh

TeraRoop said...

"and even at the age of twelve"

*twenty, sorry.


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