Friday, December 02, 2005

Monopoly = )

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

"The Men who Turned the Tide"

Soo with all the tension my computer's caused me, I'm taking a HUMONGOUS break from schoolwork and trying to get it all in order..

Yesterday, my family and I spent some quality time together, playing Monopoly and Khalsa snakes and ladders.. hehehe of all the things. It was good, though.

My entire family in jail - except me X ]p. haha we have some crazy pictures of all of us laughing very hard.. I don't think they want me putting them up, though lol

We're all so rich; haha all we ended up doing the ENTIRE game, was collecting rent from one another - my parents didn't like the idea of trading/buying/selling properties from the other players, so no one had any monopolies except for Mumma Ji, who had Baltic and Mediterranean. I only had three properties, and I still did really well. I was so engrossed in trying to get my homework done, I didn't even try to build up a monopoly haha. lol we had so much fun though.. Papa Ji sat in jail for like 50 turns, glad that he didn't have to pay any rent.. then he got bored and bailed himself out hehe..

Starting out.. red = Mumma Ji, blue = Gurpartap Singh {my brother}, green = me, yellow = Papa Ji. there's Papa Ji in the background.. =)

I got Nitnem to go up, Seva-Simran to go up, NiGuraa to go back down, then Bakshish to go uppp, but Papa Ji got Bakshish first haha - before that, though, he got Nitnem, and he got Prem to go up, but he also got Keshaa(n) di Beabdi to go down LOL.. my brother got.. haha I have no idea what he got to go up, but he got Chaudhar di Bhukh to go down.. BUT! The funniest part of ALL.. Mumma Ji got Nashae FIVE TIMES hehehehe.. addictionnn we had so much fun teasing her.. oh dearr..

I got to 99 in my turn that came after Papa Ji got there.. then my brother got there.. my brother won first, though, then me, then Papa Ji.. poor Mumma Ji was still addicted.. hehe we gave her the support she needed to get out of the drugs while she rolled like fifty times.. amd then gave up again!

I took a LOT of pictures.. but it's taking too long to put them up hahaha..

The whole time we were playing Monopoly, though, I was thinking what a waste of time this is.. I don't know, Monopoly throws me off.. I've played it wayyy too much throughout my lifetime haha. I wish we had been sitting togetehr doing Kirtan or Simran or something.. but you know what? I'm glad we spent time together - really glad. We haven't done anything together in a very very long time..

OK I have to go.. I spent too much time trying to get these pix up..

haha what a stupid post.

bhull chuk maaf

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

5 Responses to “Monopoly = )”

pavandeep said...

that was pretty funny how your parents play monopoly. when we play RISK with my dad he always wins... but he drags it out, and will leave a country because he doesn't want to wipe us out. When my sister was about to take my brother out of the game, my dad told her that it wouldn't be nice to do that... she did it anyways. lol :)

TeraRoop said...

haha - well, it was either that, or the Disney board games we have.. which I LOVE very very very much
: ) but yeah my brother made everyone play, and even though he's annoying, I'm glad he did.. we hadn't done anything together in over a year and a half.. more actually

whats risk about?

pavandeep said...

it's a game about world domination

rsingh said...

wow that looks like fun. you know on day just say shall we do rehraas together and after just start simran. anyway glad you got to spend quality time, we all busy, busy, busy, these days.

Anonymous said...

cute :)

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