Sunday, December 11, 2005

Health Issues

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

After much thought, I have decided to post about something that happened recently, although I will refrain from going into much detail.. haha it's a bad time to start this post, but at least this first version will stand as a reminder to me to continue in this vein until a thorough post/series of posts is up.

For now, a quick warning to all my Gursikh Bhaenjis out there - and you know what, Veerjis, too:

Take care of yourselves. Due to the vegetarian diet that most Amritdhaaris follow, we do not consume certain foods which give other non-vegetarians certain vitamins, or other things essential to a human's health. Just because we are vegetarian does not mean we must be weak, or unhealthy - in fact, it should be quite the opposite.

For now, all I've the time to say is, make sure you eat enough. Following a balanced diet is highly essential, especially for vegetarians, and even more importantly for females {I will get to this later, I promise lol - I'm not trying to say girls are weaker haha}. Be sure to eat at least one type of fruit everyday - I suggest apples or bananas. Be sure to eat at least three meals spaced out throughout the day with equal lengths of time in between, and make sure that this 'schedule' is followed as closely as possible daily. It is also important to keep oneself energized and nourished in-between times - I would suggest a small snack in between meals. A yogurt, granola bar, some kind of fruit, etc etc - I'm pretty sure everyone here knows what is healthy, and what isn't.

Also, if you lack iron, or other vitamins or minerals already, be sure to take action now, before things get highly serious.. lack or iron/calcium etc can lead to serious issues like anemia {which in turn can lead to anorexia, if completely ignored and allowed to worsen} and other health problems. Especially during teenage years, it is essential to pay attention to one's health.. at this tender time of our lives, our health can be good, and carry on in this way for the rest of our lives, or it can be ruined, and last in this way throughout our lifetimes..

I say this urgently, and it is a call to my Gursikh brothers and sisters, who on top of so many other problems, face the issue of having to worry about and check everything they consider buying in a store.. but I am speaking seriously, and from the heart..

take care of yourselves.

more later, bhull chuk maaf, Guru Ji Maharaj Kirpaa karan..

bhull chuk maaf
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

5 Responses to “Health Issues”

gd.singh said...

lick you kara guys, good iron source

TeraRoop said...

mmm tastes good, too

*yay* deepu raani ur first comment : )

rsingh said...

Saag paneerr ... Yuuummmmmm
also dried apricots and nuts are good. Have a balnced diet with loads fresh veg.

TeraRoop said...

yeah. fruits and veggies - always good for ya.

I've been TOO MUCH cheese and bread!! But at uni its hard to cook in kitchen as its so dirty and people been drinkin sharaab and cooking meat and not cleaning up after themselves.

My dad works with one lady who ONLY eats Fruit & Veg!!!! She doesn't even Cook the Veg, she eats raw uncooked veg for breakfast, lunch and evening meal. WAHEGURU. I tried doing it, but it only lasted for a few hours. lol. :) Find it hard giving up Daal Sabji (especially in Langar!), Samosay, Pakoray, Springrolls, Parotay... Waheguru... this is making me hungry. hehehehe.

Bhenji thanks for post. its really informative and i hope i can implement some info into my life.

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