Saturday, November 26, 2005

Gatka Pix !!

More pictures up - I think the set is now complete.

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Anonymous said...

yea, one of the pic of you, came out so white, you silly gori bllaaeehh, lolz, blllaaaehh, *phubf*, yea im sticking my tongue at you =p, muah umm i rarly come here, u rite a lot tho Vahiguru ji ka khalsa, Vahgiuru ji ki fateh

TeraRoop said...

haha yayy i know who you are!!

yeah, they were trying to get a picture of my cut.. but the sun was shining reaally bright, directly at my face, too.. i am sooo not gori.. haha you've seen me! im darkk..

everyone says i wrte too much :( haha.. it's 'bleah' silly boy.. and *phubf* is a cute way of making a rasberry.. haha try saying the word tho..


oh DUDE! go look at uhh.. khalsa fateh.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

wow, finally get the darshan of teraroop11 :P

ss said...

Interesting exchange :-)

TeraRoop said...

exchange.. hmm

which comment(s) are you referring to exactly?

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